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  • Costpap
    No, no. Big nono. This could be a huge privacy breach if anyone was allowed to access the history of edited messages. Some servers already do it via bots and it can have a weird feeling knowing that the server mods are watching your messages being edited or deleted. I wouldn't want that feel to be expanded to the entirety of the server. So please no.
  • k9lego

    I'd be fine with it showing up in the Audit Log only, but not for regular members/messages.

  • Jun

    A yes to me. If people want privacy, they can delete their message and write it from the scratch. Edit history is convenient, and sometimes prevents someone from changing their whole message content agressively to get opposite reactions. This is a feature worth considering.

  • kelleymuro

    Add edited messages to audit logs for server creator only. imo it's useful and helpful for context in certain cases. Deleted messages are gone forever.

  • Karonield

    @jun That's a really good point. People need to be educated. 

  • CaptainNDB

    I'd be fine with the ability to see edit histories, and deleted messages as well for anyone with admin powers in said. Have seen too many lowlifes take advantage of the message deletion.

    Think before you speak and all that.

  • coolbrotherchad

    My crush sent me “hey (edited)” at 11:58pm so I wanna see what he originally said because there is no reason to be texting a girl at 12pm unless ur dating


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