Game Activity on selected servers




    I entered this website JUST to write this. I really wish this existed. It could be called "Game Activity Privacy"


    obs: to write what you wrote, not my response to it

  • shemy

    i want this.
    option "off" on many and unspecified users server.
    option "on" on closed friends server.

    i don't want show for many and unspecified users.
    but, i want show for friend, when play with friend.

  • Franky

    I really hope they add this feature.

  • ElTimmo

    would be awesome if you could also hide your activity from certain roles/ppl on a server.

  • Vrykodin

    If this is implemented. While I understand it's complexity, I would like to see:
    * A toggle option (also available with right-click similar to muting a server) to disable the members of a server from seeing my activity
    * An additional sub-option also prevents members of the server from seeing activity in DM's and such as well
    * A sub-option to the above to allow that overrides this if they are members of another shared server that is not disabled

    Summary of desired result:
    Members of disabled server cannot see my activity unless I am in another mutual server where they DO have permission to see my activity. If we do not share any servers where they have permission to see my activity, then they cannot see it, even in DM's/Friends List.

  • Mr. Wallet

    Big agreement. The other time I saw this was suggested it was closed as a duplicate of "per server online/offline/away status" but it's not a duplicate, I am fine with global online status but I am in a number of "official X discord" that are mostly complete strangers and I don't want them to see precisely what I'm doing while I'm online even if I want them to know when I can be pinged and will probably respond.

  • faultwire

    This feature should definitely be added if discord wants to continue moving away from being a "gamers only" platform. Several more professional groups I'm involved in have been moving to discord, and I don't necessarily need types of servers knowing what game I'm playing, music I'm listening to, etc.

  • zblaze

    Need this feature for the various professional servers I'm in. Don't need them knowing about my all-nighter Valheim adventures. Please and thank you!

  • hackingpotato

    Under right-click server > Privacy Settings, I'd like:

    • "Always appear offline" so that people can't see when I'm online (cloak of invisibility, anyone?)
    • "Hide game activity" for communities where I'd like to share that I am online but don't want to share game activity (professional communities as mentioned above)

    I can't imagine myself wanting to hide my status from a specific member or role though (especially because roles change and people can have multiple accounts.)

  • silverfox88

    This seems like a feature that should have been added straight away.

  • Stuwuienator MPhil

    Very frustrating that this still is not an option. I have game activity permanently off but I wish I could turn it on for 1 or 2 servers so just my closest friends know that they can join me whenever I'm playing

  • +KZ

    AAAAAA why this is still not here? i really want this

  • Ayfid

    The Game Activity feature is entirely useless without the ability to turn it on/off per-server.

    I am a member of multiple servers where it would be inappropriate to share that status, so it must be turned off. As it can only be turned off globally, it must therefore always be off on all servers. The feature is entirely unusable as is.

  • ghostbuster

    People have been asking for this for four years and it's such a simple and obvious feature that there must be some secret reason why discord will not add it. It seems they don't care about making users happy.


    Does anyone know if there are any alternatives that support this? Maybe the discord devs could ask for help learning how to add it.

  • Nix3Cool6U

    Completely agree. Adding this comment to show further support

  • Badpanda

    Adding another bump for some support on this.

  • はなぴょん

    Would want such feature as well.

  • RamHithesh

    one more voice

  • Vanwood

    Yes please!

  • Ooriana

    Discord seriously needs to make this a priority. It is SO important!!

  • Elwynee

    Bumped this - such a basic feature honestly. This should be added.

  • Tister

    Y YOU NO DO THIS? This feature much win! Much need! +1

  • CrazyIvanTR

    If you see this message and you want this feature. Upvote the thread itself. Discord will make features a reality if enough people want them and upvoting posts like these is one of the best ways of doing it.

  • arob157

    So. How about we make this feature happen already.

    Seems trivial to implement

  • HEROn

    ^ "seems" is the key word here xD. Maybe it's not as trivial, we don't know their implementation.

    It would be amazing though. It's probably just not getting the attention because of other more important product features that are a selling point for Discord. 

  • LindyHopper

    The inability to hide my played game status in select servers is the reason that I have to hide my game status in _all_ servers. Toggling this on/off for individual servers is strongly needed, it helps me show my online friends what I am playing and that I am active in games, while controlling if I want the people who play the games that I work for from seeing that I am checking out new games for ideas, or to be social with long time friends.

  • Jesse Warren

    Agreed.  Much needed.  Either:

    > (global) user settings > activity status: ...could list which servers to toggle on/off for displaying status.


    > [server name] > Server Settings: ...toggle on/off whether users can disable custom status.

    > [server name] > Privacy Settings: ...toggle on/off whether I want to display status locally.


    > Avatar (via server's User List): ...toggle on/off whether I want to display status locally.


    A small workaround is to write a custom status message.  Now if you are also playing a game it appears as a TEXT ICON next to your status message instead of displaying what game you're playing.  At a glance, it doesn't call attention to your activity, when seen among a list of users.  But if your friends know the text icon means you're playing something, they can click on your name to see what you're playing.

    In the 3 images below, I included what it looks like with the custom status message on in 1 & 2. and the game turned on in 2 & 3.

    Doesn't fix the problem though.  Gimme the code.  I'll write it myself.  ;-)

  • WakemansDroid

    hi devs, privacy isn't too much to ask for :) I don't need my university or work colleagues knowing i'm playing my little pony adventures. You want people to use discord professionally also, We can tell by all the zoom like options being added!  On the other hand, i wouldn't mind showing my friends, so that they could join my pony princess adventures. Let me have a privacy option per server for my game activity :) 1 hours of code max and you got this i promise. Can't wait for the update thats totally happening because i made this comment!

  • Solstice

    +1 to everything WakemansDroid said.

    I really hope that the Discord developers are listening to all these requests.

    Because showing game activity is currently all-or-nothing, I've literally avoided joining some non-gaming Discord communities.  I want to be social and show my gaming friends what I'm playing and when I'm "in game", but if we don't get at least server-level granularity soon, for privacy reasons I'm going to have to disable showing my gaming activity globally.


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