Forward message



  • Skwaleks
    Extra: when in menu give option to forward with markup of without markup
  • A1ex

    That's I big problem when people want to forward a media file and have to copy a list.
    Would be easier with a button.

  • Xane

    Please Discord implement this feature. 

  • Victor L A Botelho | Y1

    Important feature!!! All chat/messenger that not have this don't deserve 3 stars (far from 5 stars)

  • TheCarry

    Super basic table-stakes feature. If discord wants to compete with slack/telegram for professional users this should be implemented.

  • Olley

    Add this basic feature, it's absolutely astonishing to me that there is still no forwarding feature, even from channel to channel within the same server, let alone into another server.  

    The "copy msg link" doesn't cut it, by the way, it is too ugly and doesn't show any context to the msg... I had to implement a bot to do a job that Discord still hasn't done yet.

  • Roman Gorelchik

    Please Discord implement this feature. 

  • Membership89

    Forward Message is to Useful in telegram, +1 when we need to repost it while including a media

  • Chaotix

    We host a Pokemon Raid Server

    and moved from telegram to discord

    But the main critic is...
    we cant jsut forwared a channel message from an appearing raid into the chat with all details

    A link wont show all the details and we have to lways click a link..oir write the detaisl manually

    for the moment we trash the text channel with screenshots

    thats really bad, compared with the behavior knowm from TG

  • Varulv

    I don't really understand how a "messaging" platform doesn't have basic features like forwarding.

    Discord is cool, and it will be just cooler with forwarding.

  • Lxcosmo

    We need this feature !!!!

  • Lixin

    Please! I also need this feature!

  • Jonathan Pecany

    Definitely would be highly helpful for certain scenarios. We should however try to share this idea with others to help try to push the feature.


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