Increase the limit of user created notes, or remove the restraint.



  • to(sh)

    The limit is ridiculous. Really hoping to see the limit being removed.

  • shadowaffles

    Like many of you, I use notes to help moderate my server.
    Recently I realized that my notes were not saving anymore, looking up the problem I see what is the deal now.

    We really need notes to be unlimited or make another type of system where we can keep track of people in order to moderate servers.

    Not being able to add new notes, even after deleting old ones is horrible and only makes the life of people trying to create good communities more difficult.

  • White_Red_Dragons

    The limit is ridiculous. There is probably reasons why this limit exists tho. It certainly is not an issue of filesize. Compared to entire servers which are mere megabytes, notes are tiny lumps of ones and zeros. The existing issues that caused the limit should be resolved and the limit raised. Maybe a note management option added. Really hoping to see the limit being removed.

  • Weifful

    After reporting this issue to Discord via email, I also discovered even after I removed some old users' notes, I still couldn't add any new notes to other users. There seems to be a bug after the user note limit is reached.

    Before managing the limit, I suggest the bug I mentioned above to be fixed asap. I'd rather have the limit removed than to increase the limit. I'd also like to have notes being added to servers.

    Edit: There's also a server limit proposal that is similar to this proposal. If you're also seeking to increase or remove the limit of servers please go there and upvote it.

  • Togusa

    Discord staff: The user base has spoken.  Please remove the limit.  And double the notes field size.  Seriously, this is an utterly unnecessary limitation on an otherwise amazing service, and it's been a thorn in our sides ever since the limit was imposed.

    Notes are an indispensable feature of social networking in an environment with thousands of users coming and going and where anyone can change their nickname or username at any time.

    I don't want to have to implement what seems like the only feasible workaround - to have to create a new adjutant account just to store additional notes on new members of my servers.  :-(


  • Hra me lene

    I couldn't aggree with you more guys, i run my own server of 1000+ ppl and I reached the cap as well. I hope devs will add a solution in the near future!

  • ErickCBass

    Please make it unlimited and not restricted to 500. Anyone who uses discord on a public community will eventually run into this issue. Public discord communities are cyclical as new people are constantly coming in while old people leave. This is why the amount of notes we make increases over time, because we will never stop meeting new people.

    The original idea behind the limit is that it's something normal people won't ever face since they're likely to just be in a set amount of communities with specific member sizes, but with the constant refreshing of new faces in every discord community, normal discord users reach the 500 note limit.

    It goes without saying that it makes notes completely unusable for any server administrators. With username changes, administrators will have to keep USER IDs in a separate document, and look them up whenever they see someone they don't recognize. 

  • GorEjaKz

    This needs to be implemented. At the very least, create an interface where we can manage our notes and allow mass deletion. Notes are very helpful but also very useless if you can't delete notes from users you don't remember adding to or have no way of finding.

  • Jason Khanlar

    I just noticed this posted 19 days ago on Reddit:

    Apparently the 500 limit claim is actually 200.

    I posted with a bit more writing, however, again my post is pending approval, and I already experienced now previous pending posts that were permanently deleted.

    Also 8 days ago:

  • SilentShitstorm

    The limit hit me suddenly and even when i completely removed old notes from other profiles, I still couldn't make new notes on new profiles. I thought this was a glitch. Please remove the limit altogether or set some way to manage notes. 

  • Forcellrus

    I faced that same issue and got the same response from support. If they can't increase the limit, at least give us a way to manage our notes.

  • jes

    i barely even meet people on discord, i know for a fact i haven’t reached this 500 note limit, yet i can’t put notes on people on computer (online or not), but i can on my phone THOUGH i can only put notes on those who are online; people who are offline, their notes will not save. this is really irritating.

  • Togusa

    I have to reiterate once again, as other users have said: Storing the history of all the channels in all the servers takes up way more space than unlimited notes ever could.  There's no reason at all to have any limit on the number of notes, other than to inconvenience and annoy the users.

    If there is a legitimate reason, tell us.  Otherwise, fix this by removing the limit.  Stop ignoring the problem.


  • Ardate


    As a mod on a 15K+ discord server, keeping notes is vital to keep track of rulebreaks. 500 notes is clearly not enough for huge communities like this.

    I am aware Discord didn't plan on having such huge servers when it started off, thinking it would be for small friend groups like on Skype, but the facts are that servers have become something way bigger than anticipated and the note-taking needs to reflect the current demand. 

    Please either up the limit a LOT or remove the cap altogether!


  • Ulexos

    This, the friend activity- and friendslist limit are tedious af, pls undo, kthxbai 🤟

  • Togusa

    To be honest, it's utterly ridiculous to suggest that users should remove notes on people to make space for more notes.  The notes are a storage space for your thoughts about and memories of the people you interact with.  You're basically being asked to delete parts of your memory.  Deleting old notes is problematic - not only can you not locate the users if they're no longer on your servers, but also it's those very users who you need notes on to remember about them if they ever *do* show up again.  And it makes no sense to delete notes on current users, either, since you're still interacting with them, and remembering certain things about them via your notes (especially on a service where names are fluid) is still useful.

    It's so frustrating when a company ignores such an obvious user interface problem or simply refuses to acknowledge the logic of fixing it.  It's a no-brainer.  I hate how companies use forums like this to placate users, making them think that their voices mean something when in reality this is just a black hole for user complaints to be safely ignored.  At least, that's how it feels when our frequent calls for the obvious fix (remove the limit) are not even acknowledged by anyone from the company, ever.

    Fix the problem, already!  :angry_eyes:



  • Hero247

    Dear Discord Team, 

    Please fix the Note taking limit issue - i have a lot of friends all over the world - but everytime someone comes up to me in hopes of me remembering them, i have to dissapoint because in 80% of the cases they changed their profile picture and name - leaving no chance for me to remember them - notes were a great fix for this issue - but since i hit the limit - i sadly had to dissapoint multiple people because of my bad memory and inability to read minds.

    So please delete the note limit... So i can look like the awesome guy that remembers them and make them happy again. 

    Thank you for your time, 


    A User that needs your help.

  • Rifoo 9.9 [Lfyz]

    +, Прошу убрать ограничение или увеличить его. Я не слежу за сервером, а обычный пользователь, но это ограничение так де быстро кончилось. Очень жду пока увеличат!

  • LinkGanonSlayer

    Completely remove the limit

  • Дракоша

    I support the idea in order to increase the limit of notes or remove it. I was also advised to delete old notes, but it is quite difficult considering the fact that many users have changed their discord or stopped using it. I hope to soon increase the limit or remove it.

  • danielpbarron


  • Typhoon

    Still waiting for a fix, this is so painful

  • Rotempunkt

    Come on Discord people! You can do it!


  • Veridis

    The user notes are way to useful to be limited like this.

  • Togusa

    Would be nice if someone involved in decision-making at the company would weight in here.  :-/  This should have been fixed months ago.  (It should never have been broken in the first place, tbh.)



  • Kess

    We need action, and we need it now! 

    Please upvote the post to gain more attention!

  • Łêõ

    I'd like to suggest one of several things:

    A: Increase the capacity of notes we're allowed to add above 500.

    B: Remove the limit altogether.

    C: Add the ability to manage your notes. I was advised by Discord support to start removing notes, but this is difficult when a lot of users I've added notes to are no longer on the server. Meaning I'd need to remove notes from people I still interact with to make new ones- which is kind of counterproductive.

  • Raterix

    This still has not been officially addressed. Incredible.

  • Togusa

    Every time a new update comes out, I am hopeful that they've finally done this obvious fix.  I click the green down-arrow icon to restart (PC version).  Then I go into one of my server's more recent new users and add a brief note.  Close it.  Re-open it.  Utter an epithet.  Sigh.



  • Rover

    We are NOT in the clear.

    I realized I was able to add new notes to new users recently, so I thought the issue had been fixed.  However, I then noticed that some of my past notes were randomly disappearing from existing users, with no apparent pattern.  I have re-added some of my notes to those users and found they re-disappeared a few days later.

    This is even more concerning than the previous system, pre-existing information is now able to be erased meaning we can potentially lose valuable info.  This needs to be fixed.


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