Increase the limit of user created notes, or remove the restraint.



  • DoctorBrad

    I just love the fact that all the comments are for nearly 2 years ago and discord doesn't give a shit about users opinion. but they do give a shit about BLM or LGBTQIA pride month. They also release bunch of pointless updates for this app and change the logo without anyone asking or even anyone liking it, or they change the look and size of profile banners but NEVER fix the actual bug. After each update discord is getting worse. now I'm a bit sad that you guys didn't sell discord to Microsoft. at least they don't ruin the program like you.

  • GuardianPhoenix

    > at least they don't ruin the program like you.

    Clearly you haven't heard of $kype. :I 

  • Leverton

    Were notes finally made infinite? I thought they were. Maybe my older notes are getting deleted without me realising 

  • CuriouslySane

    The limit is now 1500, but it's poorly communicated.  There's no UI feedback; it just eats what you put in.  If you pull up the dev tools (F12 on a PC browser), "Maximum number of user notes reached (1500)" will appear as an unhandled promise rejection error.  That's the only indicator that anything is wrong.  For users who mod heavily, notes are an essential tool.  Having this limit and having no way to even go back and manage it makes the feature much less useful.  Surely Discord has the metrics to see that this is affecting people trying to use it legitimately.  That may not be a large percentage of users, but that's all the more reason to be lenient.  Mods contribute far more to the platform than whatever miniscule amount of data they may be consuming in notes.

  • Denz



  • davo

    While we wait for Discord to fix this, you can get the UserNotes plugin to fix this problem, on PC at least.

  • Riczio2

    This is pointless to comment this topic. They already see or not it's necessary or not... We can talking about it few months and we didn't see update with that so...

  • Varok

    I would suggest to the Discord Developers that with Nitro you are unleash the dark side, I mean unleash the Kraken... I mean unleash unlimited notes for discord profiles as another benefit for been Discord Nitro

    Also, if it's a matter of server capacity, the Discord can sell like a one time or monthly fee for going beyond 500 notes for discord profiles

    Since this feature is powerful one for those discord users we track other discord users for different reason such as: organized people, Streamer, Owners of multiple discord servers, tracker of real name, time zones, small note to remember which topic you talked with that user, where you met him/her and much more.



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