Increase the limit of user created notes, or remove the restraint.



  • sallasin

    I just encountered this Problem as well and i agree to the part where they should give you the option to make notres manageable 

  • Aviivix

    I use Notes all the time for similar reasons. This is definitely a must, Notes are one of the most useful tools at our disposal, especially with Nitro giving people the ability to completely change your identity with a new name, #discrim and avatar. If you mod big servers and you run out of notes, you're relegated to keeping a Google Doc with UserIDs and keeping the notes next to those. I don't even care if this is a Nitro perk, we just need some way to expand the notes. No idea why there's a cap to begin with.

  • FireWall

    For me it is vital and, therefore, very urgent. Please resolve as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • Ironman

    Please increases the limit, i just noticed that there is even a limit ... now i have to like create a secret room and type the info of who is talking to me in it ... this is painful 

  • acdcsteve

    Yes please for removing/increasing the limit

  • PhoenixTrader12

    I 100% agree. Please consider making this a priority!

  • Norm

    Realized that even if we went to delete the content of an old Note on a user, we are still unable to add any more new Notes. So we are basically stuck once we reached the limit.

  • Magu

    I also use notes, they help me keep track of people and I'd love to be able to keep track of more than just the limit.

  • Feyro

    I completely agree with the author of this topic, but:
    A. It will not solve the problem, since I think that 1-2k notes will be accumulated in the same way (especially if someone is an administrator or moderator on a moderately large server)
    B. Ideal option (comments unnecessarily)
    C. There is an option, it will be necessary to create a separate tab and it will be equivalent to not closing your correspondence with people in order to be able to track them, that is, 500 contacts ... (without taking into account the increase in the limit of notes), scrolling this will not be convenient .
    D. You can of course still make it so that from unused accounts or which abandoned notes are deleted automatically to release the limit - but this is a stick for maintenance, which is better not to use, because 500 active accounts will easily accumulate (with 3-5k +, this option may work, and I’m not sure ...)

    Did the developers really not think about this scenario, when they gave the opportunity to change UserIDs * (okay, nickname and avatar), but there should be at least some kind of attachment to a person to understand who it is? (I’m not trying to touch upon the topic of surveillance of anyone now), and the notes provided such an opportunity.
    And please, if something changes in this direction, you don’t need to do it with a paid extension.

    (I apologize for Google translation. Russian)

  • Togusa

    On my servers, being unable to take notes on new users is problematic, not only for the social advantage of remembering some details about the person, but more importantly because it's needed for moderators to keep track of user behavior issues over time, for the purpose of enforcing our rules fairly.  Users are always changing their usernames (not just their in-server nick but their global Discord username), so without the ability to take notes associated with the account, it becomes nigh impossible to manage the community effectively, let alone just to remember who's who.

    Please fix this "limit" / bug / design flaw.


    p.s. My heart skipped a beat there - I went to hit "Submit" and for a moment thought "what if this doesn't save, like my recent notes on new users did not save?"  Had to double-check to make sure I'd made a back-up copy of the message before sending, lest it be lost forever due to some form submission glitch.  -T)

  • Togusa

    Plus, Discord shouldn't let you type a note and then just silently drop the input, leaving you guessing as to why (and thinking it's a bug, which it certainly seems like).  If there's going to be such a policy, the UI needs to reflect this by disabling the Notes field and replacing it with a message to the effect of "You've exceeded the number of users you're allowed to take Notes on."

    And honestly, if they're concerned about server-side data storage, notes content is just a minor blip compared with the vast message history that they keep for all of the servers.  I don't see any good reason for imposing a limit to the number of users you can have notes on... nor why the notes field itself is so short, for that matter.  From a server admin's PoV, this is simply bad design, if it's not a bug.  -T

  • Jason Khanlar

    Testing a new comment. For some reason my first comment is not being approved and now I see that Togusa commented after mine, and it appears publicly, which makes me question that my comment is being delayed to not appear. Here is a mirror of what I tried to say.

    It seems this can be seen (but not the other comment).

    Anyway, given the complexity of some incredibly toxic, predatory persons that collude with one another to try to infiltrate Discord servers with accessories and accomplices that aid and abet one another to facilitate character assassination and other psychological complexities with social engineering and possibly blackmailing and extorting innocent persons that are gullible or baitable or other complexities in behavioral phenomena, it is a bit more difficult to keep track of these things since I am unable to quickly keep notes of particular user accounts, including humans that use more than one Discord account to give the illusion of multiple different persons that further complicates identifying narratives of situations and potential agendas of behavioral phenomena.

    Also, many of the phenomena that are noteworthy to keep track of, in and of themselves, do not violate Discords Guidelines or Terms of Service, since they can be like rabbit holes, requiring time to investigate and research, but with notes on user accounts, it helps a little bit to simplify the workload to figure things out, since when suspicious activity occurs (even if false positive), I can quickly note the relevant accounts, and keep a trail to figure things out if something manfiests more concerningly in the future. At least, I was able to until the silent 500 note limit was implemented for whatever reason.

    Are there any technical reasons why Discord would silently implement a limit on 500 notes and claim it as a feature?

    Note: There are many wonderful, kind, admirable people, however, unfortunately, there are also some who are quite the opposite, and quite manipulative, worse than trolls, and inevitably just want to see things fall apart and try to be clever to frame innocent persons for things that can become plot twists if not keeping up with narratives of events or activities or otherwise keeping notes, checking them twice, seeing who's naughty and nice, etc.

    Also, I think it is more effective if other moderators and persons helping also have opportunity to keep track of their own personal notes without having to conform to any scrutiny, shame or stigma for not conforming to a standard note taking that otherwise I could maybe integrate into a Discord bot to handle note taking, but why add that extra layer of complexity and lack of privacy when Discord already had a functional and useful way to allow everyone to keep their own notes?

    I tried to post another message, but it is appending approval also, like my first message. Here's a mirror/pastebin of what I tried to say:

  • Togusa

    Another thought: If users had stable Discord usernames, one could use an external note-taking solution.  As long as Discord allows people to revise their service-wide username at will, notes attached to the user within Discord are a necessity.

  • raterix

    What a mindless feature that these developers released.

    This seriously affects a large amount of people.

    What was the point of adding this limit?

  • Dax

    I only recently discovered the limit, I didn't even get a pop-up or anything telling me that I hit the limit so I was super confused when notes just stopped working for me. I ended up contacting the help desk because I thought it was a bug.

    Removing notes to make new ones also didn't solve the problem either, I still can't make new ones. The limit has been so poorly implemented and really should be removed all together because of how useful notes are for so many reasons.

    A lot of people like myself weren't even aware that there's a limit in the first place because nothing really tells you about it or lets you know when you've reached that limit.

  • Rover

    I use notes very often for keeping track of users' usernames, in case they change them, so that I know who they are. I also store some other info about users like birthdays. I'd like to think this was the point of Discord adding notes in the first place.

    The 500 user limit seems very arbitrary. I'm only active in a few servers, which are all for one overlapping community of people, and I've already hit this limit.

    It's not even apparent that this is an intended feature. You write a note, save it, click off the profile, then open it again to see the note isn't there anymore. No warning message, no red text, no indication whatsoever. I feel like I was in the right for assuming this was a bug and not an arbitrary unannounced 'feature'.

    Please remove the limit or add some way to manage all your notes. The limit is making my job harder.




  • Haz

    Note taking is a critical aspect of my interactions on Discord, please increase this limit.

  • I can't think of a good username

    If you're always able to save all the billions of messages in the millions of servers then i'm sure you can increase the note cap of 500. I didn't even now there was a cap until i happened to read it here because i thought it was a bug or something.

    Also, why is there no message saying you've reached the cap? And why can i not add new ones even though i've deleted notes from other users? It just a completely unnecessary limitation.

    I really hope this will get fixed soon.

  • a345

    Well, even I didn't had faced that issue yet, but for admins and moderators that's seems to be a real problem.

    Its anyway seems to be a ridiculous policy, why should such limitation ever exist. Can not see a logical reason for this limitation. In the age of computing today, text takes up minimal space and low recourse consumption (even on DB)

    Therefor, I will suggest exceptions and a different limitation policy.

    First, servers admins and moderators roles should not be restricted at all. In addition the limitation method should switch to dynamic limitation instead of the current static limitation. so the limit on regular users will depend on the number of members on the server, the larger the number, the greater the number of possible notes per user. That way the restriction may occur only in rare cases of abuses.

  • binchlord

    This limitation is incredibly frustrating considering it was added after I, and tons of others, have been adding notes to people for years. I kept the age of every single member of the servers i staffed. I have thousands upon thousands of notes on users accounts, inactive accounts, people from communities ill never see again, from servers that have been deleted. Maybe people like me are the reason this was implemented but if I'm limited to 500 notes, I don't want any of the ones I have right now! How is it not wasting even more of your resources to allow me to keep all of these notes I don't need anymore. It is not physically possible for me to remove all of these notes, and it would be a ridiculous undertaking for me to even try to remove a quarter of them. I will absolutely never be able to use the note feature on discord again if this isn't addressed somehow and I really don't think that's acceptable or fair. There needs to be a way to purge notes from accounts we can't access or this just essentially removes the note feature from the people who made the most use out of it and need it the most.

  • raterix

    Dude what even, it's been a month and the Discord team still hasn't bothered addressing this issue. It affects many people and yet they don't want to bother even addressing it?

  • Star

    It's the digital age.  There's no good reason for this limitation; lift it and let us use the Notes feature to do our jobs.  Making us delete old notes to keep the number of users with notes under an arbitrary minimum would be ridiculous.

  • Amy

    Please remove the limit. It's too useful to be limited in this manner.

  • RoMaQhqq

    Perhaps even consider increasing the limit for certain sizes of servers if they're administrator or staff member (with certain permissions). This is exactly the issue I'm facing too, so many users I've added notes to have left already.

  • [EU] Tubs

    I ran into this issue and was sure that it was just a bug. There shouldn't be a cap of how many users you can have notes on. There are so many people that changes their entire username, nickname and discriminator time after time, that not having a note on someone makes it impossible to keep track of who that person is. This is such a common occurance that I usually put their username+discrim in the note of all the users I come across. Some I've ended up with 5+ different names.

    If nothing else, at least make it possible for Nitro Subscriptions to add more. This would however, require the notes to be stored even after you cancel your subscription, so you don't lose any of them if you miss a month.

  • ShadowKrux

    why did they change the notes thing also they should at least make it so you can manage all the notes you've put on different profiles because there's lots of discord account I have notes on that I can't access anymore cause they either no longer a friend or no longer have a mutual server

    and this limit did not exist in the past


  • Jason Khanlar

    It seems that Discord will ignore this issue until indefinitely (especially since the humans working for the company silently implemented this as a "feature"), which is noticeably telling in and of itself, but at the very least, if this issue wants to be noticed on this platform using "due process" then maybe it should receive 8,500+ votes to appear in top results of most voted.

    I am kind of surprised that the voting on this has not gone viral quickly. I noticed some people don't even realize the "notes" feature exists. Also, it seems future of humanity is laziness, carelessness, not their problem, which makes it more opportunistic for Discord to silently implement these kinds of "features" perhaps to intentionally induce frustration for target demographic of persons that it probably doesn't even want to be on the platform anyway, maybe hoping that they will eventually just go away or disappear or be divided and conquered feeling helpless or hopeless that anyone is even listening, or if they are, if it even matters.

    I noticed in past years. Twitter @discordapp account has replied to various users that tweeted to them. However they never replied to any of my tweets. Not even once.

  • Togusa

    This needs to be fixed.  There's no reason not to let us keep notes on every user we choose to.  (Or else, why not impose low caps on how many servers we can join, how many friends we can have ... heck, why not limit the number of times per day we can post and react?  Or how many minutes we can be on every day?  If you're gonna impede users' ability to use the platform effectively, you may as well go all the way.  </sarcasm>)


    Seriously, though, I can see no upside to this limit, for users or for Discord, and all downside.  For us, it's a frustrating (and at first confusing) limitation that seems completely arbitrary and unnecessary.  For Discord, it only serves to upset and dishearten the advanced users - a poor PR move, in my opinion.

  • nononono

    Now when I add notes to people it disappears. When I try to remove notes from others to make new ones it kept deleting and it pisses me off. Please fix this!!

  • wv

    I’ve gone through the same exact problems you guys did, and have the and exact questions: notes power user who likes to keep track of many ppl, suddenly run into this, think it’s a bug. I restarted and reinstalled discord so many times on both my comp and phone bc I thought there was something wrong. I’ve been asking my friends about this for months until I finally searched the problem up correctly and found this thread. Why instate the limit? There’s no real reason to. Why won’t you guys fix it? It’s literally a small fix that won’t take any individual a significant amount of time, but save the collective stress of a lot of people. It’s honestly confounding to me how much discord seems to ignore this feedback. I also wanted to state that I agree with an idea someone dropped on this thread here of being able to manage your notes and profiles, since the number of DMs you can scroll down to at the bottom, and ofc the situation in which you might not have shared DMs with someone at all but chatted mainly through servers that one or neither of you are in anymore. It sucks to lose contact so easily, especially when usernames can be changed. Possibly searching through notes as well?


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