Mute all channels but one



  • Mantic VII

    UPDATE:  Upon some searching I may have found a solution. See Multiple Channel Mute.  1. b  How do I mute and disable notifications for specific channels? – Discord

    I'll try it and see if this works. If I could strike through my below text, I would. But don't see a way to ; P   So I'll leave the comment until unproven. 

    Drip, drip, drip.... Adding my drop to the bucket.  PLEASE add a mute all channels option, then allow check boxes or similar to unmute only the channels you want to listen to or get notifications for.  

  • bowlingotter

    Adding to this. Would love to be able to choose to mute the entire server but still use per-channel overrides to be able to get push notifications and/or unread dots where desired. Right now it's all or nothing unless you painstakingly mute each undesired channel one at a time, having to do it all again every time a new channel is created.

  • Tom.

    Crazy that this isn't a feature given how many guilds have an announcments channel.

    Ideally you should be able to server mute then set an override to show notification for specific channels.

  • johnny_144

    I can't believe this has not been made yet.. Please fix this!!

  • WarDrake

    THrowing my hat here, we need this.

  • mcamou

    One more user that needs this (already upvoted the issue)

  • meef

    Why is this feature still not implemented? Its been over 3 years since this thread was created and it got some decent upvotes aswell which clearly means people want that feature. Yet its still not there.

    Again: 3 years. Sadge.


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