Go Live - Capture ONLY OBS Output



  • dessertmonkeyjk

    Same, OBS gives a lot more options while Go Live (as of writing) seems to tries to detect a game it recognizes and that's it. Maybe you want to stream more then just the game itself as well such as webcam, graphics, etc. 

    You can technically do this with a OBS plugin that creates a virtual webcam which you can then give to Discord, but that's not an option either for Go Live it seems.

  • Styil

    Just let us stream directly through OBS. Give us a stream key and let us handle the rest. 

  • Norway174

    Yes, that! I really wanna stream a game to my friends on Discord, easily and quickly. But I also want the customize-ability OBS provides.

    If not a Stream key, because how'd you solve which channel to stream to all of that?
    Stream key could work if all of that was worked out.

    But at the very least the option to stream from a Webcam source. Which OBS can output with the right plugin.

  • とりさん





  • ThekingsNight

    I want to stream a game to my friends with a web cam overlay on my game using OBS or Discord. Now I found a way to do this using OBS to pop out the preview screen as a window and click on Go Live and chose that window capture, but no audio... why can’t we chose our own audio to go live with Discord? That’s all I need. Can we make this possible?


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