Add server name to push notifications



  • Apocist

    This is a must. Both the desktop and mobile notifications are useless unless from direct messages as you can't tell where they came from (e.g. almost every server has a #general channel)

    A simple fix could be to add the Server name or even Icon. (Right now the user icon is shown)

  • bidord

    Indeed, that would be VERY appreciated!

    Like Apocist, when I get a notification from a discord channel, I am never able to tell which server it came from.

    Just include the server name somewhere in the notification text, that seems quite easy to change and would be so helpful!

  • Shonack

    Give it to me.

    Developers, see this, and fix it, cause I have joined several discord servers, and I really need the feature.

  • LemonOnAPear

    How has discord on implemented this yet? It was the first thing I thought when I got a notification. Do they not use their own product?

  • bidord

    It's been 2 years since this request was submitted. Do you think we can expect some follow-up?

    Seeing a notification and not being able to tell on which server the message was sent is still an issue for some of us.

    Thanks in advance!

  • crickhitchens

    This needs to be addressed!! Please, Discord, add the server name to the push notification!!


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