Would there be a possibility to have a server keep its boosts if it reached a level, permanently?



  • Kaydax

    Even though this is a good idea, its a bad idea in discord's eyes. Since they are a company that needs to pay back investors, they need people to keep paying for nitro, and allowing people to get a server locked in to a level is a bad idea if its permanent, as people would just buy nitro once, lock the server into a level and then stop paying for nitro.

    Even if they where to make it lose a level if people stopped paying for nitro, there is the fact that how would you check that and make it fair. The best idea currently the system they have now or to allow people to boost more than one server

  • JusstG Thats Me!

    Doesn't matter this has now become a consumer product. This is a free platform for the majority. If discord cant keep the few paying customers compared to the mass free users happy the cash flow will die and so will the platform. Nitro is a rip off and I regret purchasing it.


  • iSource

    Discord has to pay employees, pay for servers, pay for rent, investors, advertising, and more. That type of stuff isn’t a one-time purchase so Discord needs a constant stream of revenues stay running.


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