Game activity/game detection suggestion.



  • DwarfWoot

    I literally have been deleting Minecraft and re-adding it every day to stream it via Go Live, and it's pretty obnoxious. The only "mod" I'm even using is Optifine.

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  • Joper aka Jappie3

    I think this is a great idea, right now im playing Minecraft and Discord does not detect different profiles, you have to manually tell Discord that you are playing Minecraft to use the overaly. (in a previous version it even detected the Minecraft launcher as a game) In Minecrafts' case, detecting an .exe would solve this issue (I believe)

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  • 🎃DJ Jake🎃

    I use optifine and It never works with discord. I still cant even add it manually. It would be nice to see minecraft mods be compatible with discord features like overlay and stuff.

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  • Norowareta

    I can't steam my art drawings, at all. (because i use ms pain) and it doesn't show up : (

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  • Phlimy

    This is a much needed fix... It can get really annoying, and it's probably not hard to fix since the game's path doesn't even change...

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  • kas1122

    Discord really needs this!!

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