Game activity/game detection suggestion.



  • dwarfwoot

    I literally have been deleting Minecraft and re-adding it every day to stream it via Go Live, and it's pretty obnoxious. The only "mod" I'm even using is Optifine.

  • Jappie3

    I think this is a great idea, right now im playing Minecraft and Discord does not detect different profiles, you have to manually tell Discord that you are playing Minecraft to use the overaly. (in a previous version it even detected the Minecraft launcher as a game) In Minecrafts' case, detecting an .exe would solve this issue (I believe)

  • 🎃DJ Jake🎃

    I use optifine and It never works with discord. I still cant even add it manually. It would be nice to see minecraft mods be compatible with discord features like overlay and stuff.

  • Norowareta

    I can't steam my art drawings, at all. (because i use ms pain) and it doesn't show up : (

  • Phlimy

    This is a much needed fix... It can get really annoying, and it's probably not hard to fix since the game's path doesn't even change...

  • kas1122

    Discord really needs this!!

  • Demon >.>

    Agreed, so people don't think you're lying when people ask why you're busy.

  • Space Man Spliff

    Hello everyone, I've been having this issue too. This is not a fix for it but more of a work around.


    I went into the Minecraft Launcher settings and checked "keep launcher open while games are running"
    I then went into the discord settings and added the Minecraft Launcher to the game activity list, and renamed it just "Minecraft"

    So discord displays I'm playing minecraft when the launcher is open.

    Like i said, not really a fix, but it has the effect I was looking for. Fortunately the launcher takes up minimal resources so leaving it open shouldn't be too bad for most ppl.


    I hope this helps.

  • SereneRebel

    This topic is a year old so i don't have much hope for it being resolved but i have a similar issue but with the "verified" game thing. discord detects my CAD software automagically as Elsword game and then since its verified will not allow me to change its name. 

    I too also have the issue with minecraft when playing different modpacks i want the detection algorithm to take into account the entire path and remember it so i can have multiple statuses for different instances of the same game.

    Like i said this topic has been around for years with 0 acknowledgement from the devs so its unlikely anything will get done

  • Mr barman26

    I have the same problem and I only have optifine installed. this is a actual problem.


  • AverageComet250

    I think this may be fixed for some apps.

    I have a Minecraft mod pack that I launch using MMC and the java that is bundled with the official launcher.

    It used to be that I had to manually select it every single time, but recently discord started to auto detect it. It doesn't detect it specifically as Minecraft though. Just as the window title cause that doesn't change.


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