Hardware ban instead of IP ban



  • Vur3e

    What’s the point, do both, it just eliminates more and more

  • elox026

    We NEED this

  • Bot Rabbit

    I don't think it is necessary. Those who want to bypass it will. All you need is a VPN and an HWID Spoofer. Both are cheap if not free. For example, I have a few mates that had their accounts deleted for being an admin on a server that sold mod menus for GTA v. Both friends got new accounts and now refuse to admin or staff any server other than their own, and I don't blame them for that. As far as I am aware, they did not participate in selling anything. They were just there if shit hit the fan, and the other staff needed a hand. I'm like that on a few servers. I don't even deal with what they are mainly for [Minecraft server discords and streamer servers].

  • TheCuriousCatPerson

    Bot Rabbit

    There are free VPNs

  • Snapson

    Problem with hardware bans is that after someone is banned with certain hardware. Might it be gpu, cpu or any-other component. 

    If someone choses to sell their pc or component to the used market, the person buying it would unknowlingly get a pc that wont let him access discord or any other service that uses this ban method. 

    Thats why no company choses to incorporate it. Its a very juvenile idea and if there is a service that uses or will use such a method. Then they are madmen because usercounts would drop to bare minimum

  • SioxerNikita

    Firstly, companies does actually use far more mercurial ban methods… IP and MAC address. IPs change daily for many people.

    Doesn’t matter changing the hardware fixes it, because it is simply to make it harder to spam new accounts.

    Also it was talking about being banned from a server… not Discord in general. So you misunderstood something. And even so, people getting a computer that was banned from Discord, is not really something that would happen often enough for it to matter.


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