Request to make channel follow button less intrusive



  • JumpSuit

    I like the Follow TItlebar at the bottom, proves you can't write messages there...

  • Void

    A big part of it being intrusive is that it is basically 2x the size of the message field and darker than most of the elements of the app which is very distracting.

    This feature is fine, I just would like it if my eyes didn't focus there every-time i go on the channel that has the feature.

    I edited the image size to 33px (originally 44px) and used less padding (12px instead of 16px) for the whole thing containing the follow button and it looks less intrusive.

  • Hog

    I think this is a decent solution. As you said, it would also look good if it was less dark. Maybe a smaller graphic and more subtle follow button as well?

    I can understand it looking this way for a little bit because it's a new feature, but the current design is already tedious to look at in channels that post news frequently.

  • Cadex

    I agree that it distracting/intrusive. There should be a "Don't Follow" option, so it isn't bugging you forever for channels you have no interest in following.

    It would also be nice if you could hide/disable the channel following reminders altogether across the app, but it is definitely needed per-channel at least.


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