account accountable and disability support staff



  • TGCFabian

    First of all, You have been banned for obvious reasons, 
    After that you started doing ban evasion, and even made an account with an inappropriate profile picture, which also resulted in multiple bans, 

    If you are banned with no reason, so be it, since there is nothing a discord moderator can change about it, And disability support is not needed,  you have been abusing your disability as an excuse to try to get unbanned,
    Afterall this "feedback" message to discord is useless, and wont help you any further.

  • Switch94

    That is not true and discord won’t appreciate that behaviour 

  • TGCFabian

    Again, You have been banned for multiple things, all of which i wont mention here,
    You have been doing ban evasion, which i have reported multiple times now,
    You also made accounts with NSFW profile pictures and joined our personal discord, which is not appreciated,

    Its not for no reason, you know what you have been doing, YOU CLEARLY KNOW THAT,

    Your now abusing this to get unbanned as well, ofcourse you will deny this, but i know more,


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