An easier way to jump to messages?



  • !【◈Ari Knight◈】!

    you mean that Quote thing?
    i hope they will be developing better quote system that we can jump to the message cause we cannot quote the entire message if it has picture (well the text is quoted but not the picts)

  • Fricc

    Sorry if this description was confusing. Added images to make it easier to understand

  • Olley

    Yeah this is what they need to add.

    Also, when you quote someone it would be a lot nicer if you could actually click on that quote and jump to that message in the history so other users don't have to sift through the chat history or search for it. 

    This seems like such a no-brainer to put in...

  • Shawn D


    This is the only thing stopping me from fully migrating my community from Telegram to Discord.

    I was pretty surprised that this is not a feature since they already have the "Copy Message Link" ability.

    Just merge Quote + Copy Message Link?

    My community is struggling to keep up with conversations on Discord, while they didn't have this issue on Telegram

  • Fricc

    It seems the reply feature has added this basic function, cool

  • HopperElecYT

    I would still like this since replying only replaces this when it is in the same channel. There should be an embed that, if you can see the message (e.g: It's a message in your DMs or a group chat you're in or a channel you have message history access to in a server you're in or a public server message), shows a preview of the message like replying. If you don't have access it would let you know


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