Please allow the welcome screen channels to include channels that not @everyone has access to.



  • TownPepe

    Same here. I have bots which assign roles upon first join to put them in a verification channel. I keep my verification channel squeaky clean, which means that slow mode is enabled and my bots delete any and all messages sent there instantly. Nobody can flood the channel with nonsense.

    But on the off chance that my bots are somehow down and will not be able to delete messages/assign roles, I made a #fallback-channel that is given to @everyone by default. That way, new users who join on the extremely rare occasion that a bot is down for a split second will not be put in an unusable verification channel and becomes confused/frusterated that their verification is failing. They also will not be able to vandalize the verification channel.


    The fallback-channel explains to them that the bots happen to be down, but in a moment will be able to send any message in that channel to be given the necessary roles to verify, once the bots return online.


    Implementation requires that I make all channels invisible by default except fallback (and rules) since it's impossible to make a bot that gives a role when it goes offline (offline bots can't do anything).


    Please either remove the @everyone check from the welcome screen, or allow the welcome screen to be configured with default roles so that it knows which channels to show you.


    Otherwise, any server with verification either cannot use a welcome screen or must undermine their own security/accessibility to do so.

  • El Dictator

    This makes sense! It's a great idea. For an even better discord is the way. 


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