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  • Domosapien[WGA]

    For Verified discord servers - we have bots set up to publish updates for influencer streams, news articles, etc. 

    Having to click "publish" on each post effectively defeats the purpose of the bots, as publishing the announcements requires someone to pay attention to the channel at all times.

    Announcement channels are an exciting feature, however the utility of this feature has diminishing returns as your server community grows and your publication schedule varies.

    Perhaps auto-publishing can be accomplished via a bot designed for this purpose?

  • Vedinsoh

    I've looked into Discord API for that matter, but there is no reference to that functionality.

  • Red!

    Indeed this is quite annoying. I have an automated bot "event feeder" and for other people to use it they need to Authorize the bot on their server and give proper permissions and then register on the bot to which channel to post "news".

    I payed the developer fee thinking that using an announcement channel would allow me to forego all this setup, and thus just have the other server owner just login and Follow the channel, which indeed works, however I have to authorize all the events manually which defeats the entire purpose of my simplification process.

    For me, a simple solution would be simply to add "webhook permissions", where some webhooks would be simply auto-published.

    Alternatively I could do with simple API documentation of the Publish button (which I gather some clever developers already figured out, really, though if security is considered it should currently be blocked from Bot accounts...)


    They've added the endpoint and allowed bots to use it aswell, but they still need to document it. 

    Method: POST
    Authorization: Bot YOUR_BOTS_TOKEN

    Discord API Docs

  • Vedinsoh

    Awesome stuff, looking forward to the documentation!

  • Vedinsoh

    Shout out to SUPERCHIEFYT!

    After seeing there is no bot that does this (as it's was only recently added to the API), I've decided to make one that will automatically publish messages in your announcement channels. I initially created it for our server, but since the announcement channels are becoming available to everyone, I thought I'd make the bot public for everyone to benefit from it.

    More details + source code:


    Hey @Forcellrus So the bot you made is OP but well it isnt very customizable

    Mind hitting me up on Discord so i can give some suggestions or you can gimme your tag i will DM you?

    Me ^

    If you dont want i can make a bot myself for the same lemme know


  • Vedinsoh

    Sure thing, added you.

  • Lerohi

    Vedinsoh, you are clearly saving my ass with that bot! Thank you very much for your work!

  • Dezemberr

    Bumping this. I haven't looked at the bot to see if it still functions but this should be available natively.


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