My account has been falsely disabled.



  • 𝕆𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕜𝕚𝕝𝕝

    Heyo, I have had a similar problem. I was falsely disabled because my account was hacked into and the person who got into my account did all the stuff that I was disabled for. I kid you not, I’ve sent them ten emails and all of them are the same over and over so it’s automated. Maybe there is something bigger going on?

  • 𝗥𝗶𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗲𝗠𝗶𝗸𝗲

    My account got disabled for no reason I want back my account I am happy I did not spend on money on discord they are just abusing power

  • 3450p

    My account also got disabled because I got hacked and the hacker sent scam DM messages to my friends and some servers and someone blamed me for scamming.

  • Mistic

    My account "Eddie 2#3443" was randomly disabled without any sort of clarification whatsoever. I was randomly logged out of my account in mid December and after trying to log back in, it tells me that my account has been disabled. I have already contacted Discord Support, but I keep getting the same automated responses saying: "Your account was been disabled for violating Discord's Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, we will not reinstate your account." I am honestly pissed, I spent almost 4 years on this website just to randomly get my account disabled for no reason, and the worst part is how they never even emailed me why it was disabled in the first place. I am quite disappointed and pretty angry now due to the fact that now I am going to lose all of my friends, how I've just wasted almost 4 years on this stupid website, and how I'll lose every single server I either previously joined or already owned on that account. I am very disappointed and at the same time pretty irritated.

  • ! - 𝑩 𝒍 𝒂 𝒙 𝒐™

    Hello I am on a alt discord account and discord banned my account for literally no reason so I was playing video games and I wanted to go on discord and talk to some friends and then I saw I was disabled for no reason It said Your account engaged in the theft or distribution of paywalled content. 1. I have never engaged In any theft or anything I am a good discord user I use discord to talk to friends and hang out 2. I haven’t done anything against the tos or anything I love discord and I wouldn’t do anything to get my account banned and I have opened around 3 support tickets and no response yet this Is day 2/3 since I’ve been banned and I need my account back I was falsely banned
    ! -𝑩 𝒍 𝒂 𝒙 𝒐#7777

  • Protonmailtester2

    My account was hacked and then banned because they posted illegal messages

    My account:Human#3551

    My old id: 565846886901219328

  • Swampert_Tube

    My account got banned too. I was banned for building on r/place. I was building a sneed's feed and seed and somehow they took that is "Participating in raids". How? I don't know... my account is Swampert_Tube#9729. I hope I can get unbanned, and don't send the bots to "help"

  • Gtapvpgvg590

    2022 and nothing has changed I went too..

  • Afraidmonsters

    My discord account I found to be disabled tonight… for no reason. I know as a matter of FACT I haven’t done anything wrong, and got no email about it even being disabled… I hope it’s not banned… I don’t understand why it would be disabled to begin with

  • KevinApple

    ! - 𝑩 𝒍 𝒂 𝒙 𝒐™ I had that same reason too and I didn't do anything like theft or distribution of paywalled content. I don't want to lose 4 years of history and friends just because I was falsely disabled. I've been following discord TOS for as long as I've been using it and don't understand why I was randomly disabled. I use discord to chat and game with my friends so it's confusing to me why this happened.

    disabled account: KevinApple#3731

    if anyone finds a way to reinstate this false disabling please reply/hmu on insta @kevinschair

  • Santorinilo

    What if I told you my account just created today , verified email , phone too, then i join a crypto game server, then i put a profile picture and i asked in that server about land verification if auto(land on crypto game) anyway, 2 minute later ,i am kicked, guess what ? My account is disabled, still processing why it happened got no clue

  • SmashingThreePlates

    It’s time for a damn boycott!

  • SmashingThreePlates

    Everyone go on Twitter and tweet to Discord #BoycottDiscord

  • crimsonpizza69

    I recreated an account 2-3 days ago to help a game guild set up their discord. They sent an invite via discord dm then i clicked the link to be at the guilds welcome page for a brief moment immediately everything signed out. I thought nothing of it thinking it may be going through recaptcha phases (which seemed maybe excessive) i would try to log back in and it always brings me back to the account has been disabled due to breaking Tos.

    It was funny before it was unbearably frustrating, I sent an appeal stated my case received an email which said the team is dealing with high volumes but this email's purpose was to tell me it received my appeal. Usually businesses either give you a response with 24 hours in tech support or 2-3 working days with servicing and maintenance. So i got impatient because of past experiences from other places besides discord due to the lack of support. i created a brand new email and registered with discord again then after completion it got disabled too. I have read through all the disappointed messages above and  i am in aw that i have no choice but to rely on support. This message may be a waste of my time as i feel like i tied this to a brick and threw it into a black hole.

  • Heroesunited

    Same here. This is what happened to me. I don't usually involve myself with this stuff except in real life, phone calls, or Skype, and when I do on Discord, it's just "Other: I/a loved one is sick, please pray. Me: Ok.". Like what the huh?

  • Heroesunited

    Discord, if you are seeing this, do something. I actually have business work on here. And I know several others personally that have been falsely accused. I have been on here for more than 3 years or so, and I have not done anything pertaining to this, and then tonight I went to check on some business stuff, and then before I did, I went to my e-mails to end up seeing this... like what the?! This is not right. You need to fix this. Like... you let NSFW servers on here, no problem, and willingly for that matter, but then someone gets falsely accused only for you to turn a blind eye... Like what kind of business does that?! The whole point of support is... well... support... not for your customers to just complain and get ignored with all you saying is "We have received your complaint.". Like ok, good, now do something other than telling us that you have read it. Because if you really have, you'd fix it. For those who agree, contact me on Skype. My account is Hero Fan #1. We need to figure something out here. This is a disservice to all who use this. I know the company name literally means "chaos", but come on... This is not right. I know I said it already, but it ain't... it just ain't. I know some might say "boycott" Discord... but that won't fix the problem. There will still be others that suffer the same fate. We need to take action that's not boycotting. Like a straight-up suing them... or one of us buy them out, or... or... or something... This is just straight-up wrong... No two ways about it... It's wrong... Because we can fuss and complain, and tell our stories until we are blue in the face... or fingers, given that these messages are typed... but point is, we need to do something. This can't keep going on. All Discord users, past, present, and future need justice. Especially those who are innocent and just trying to chill out with friends, and have no intent on breaking any rules. We shouldn't have to worry about our accounts getting disabled. We shouldn't live in fear of being banned for dumb reasons. We should be able to just have fun without worrying for our accounts' existence. We got enough to worry about in our own lives. From dating, to making money, to our own health and well-being, to the health and well-being of our friends and family, to school, to jobs, to... weather... to everything else in between.

  • Icybirdpenguin96

    The only reason mine's was disabled was only to add a friend who was hacked. He has a new account and I wanted to add him on my friends list. After doing that, I was logged out and my account was disabled. I sent a ticket to discord support twice and all I got was an email response saying that my account is disabled for breaking the Discord Community Guidelines.

    This left me confused because I have never broken any guidelines nor did I do anything illegal. I just wanted to add a friend. That's it.

  • bakugou

    my account got disabled for the exact same reason i never evan partisapated in a raid or anything like that. im so confused!

  • Avaneesh K

    Create a new account. You cannot appeal because their staffs are just chilling all day. I also got false reported for underage once

  • Barni

    Hi Discord/Support, my name is Barni and im a very active daily DISCORD user. I`m reaching out to you because of my suspended account.

    • REASON: • Just: your account has been suspended! [with no email, and reason.]

    It is not correct. I didn`t spam servers, did not used self-botting, did not joined a ton of servers for no reason, did not attempt fraudulent activity.

    And have verified and connected Steam, Twitch, Spotify and Youtube accounts with Discord.

    So very active user that is supporting various discord communities, please consider this massage and enable my account.

    • Discord username: baarni#7493

      Well, I suspected that support is not open for discussion, still I can't just give it up, it's an important account connected to a lot of servers and people (friends) and it will be a big loss for me, so I have to. Please restore it before it gets deleted...
      (+ Probably a few people managed to get their accounts back, so maybe if I keep pushing for my unwisely banned account, I can get it back, after all I can't stay with this verdict...)

    Thank you for considering!

  • Twig!

    My main account (Twig!#3997) was falsely disabled for something I never did. A few days ago someone started an argument with me, I dropped it but they told me they were gonna spam report me. Yesterday, when i tried logging in, it told me my account was disabled. I had that account for 4 years, so if I lose it that’s 4 years of conversation and memories gone forever.

  • ruesta

    Hey everyone,

    I'm currently dealing with an issue regarding a Discord account ban. It seems like my account was unfairly banned, and I've been struggling to get it resolved through the usual channels. I was wondering if anyone here has faced a similar situation and managed to find a solution.

    If you have any experience with appealing a Discord account ban and successfully having it lifted, I would greatly appreciate hearing about your process. Any advice, tips, or insights you can share would be incredibly helpful to me right now.

    I value the community's expertise and would be grateful for any guidance you can offer. Please feel free to comment or message me directly with any information. Thank you all in advance for your support!

    Best regards,

    You can reach me on discord username: ._.Pikachu._.     
    Don't forget underscores and dots take care !

  • Justin Wayne elrod (Jrod)

    I got recently disabled couple days ago I didn't do anything wrong just chatting with my friends and I got randomly logged out of my account for supposedly spamming or fraudulent which I've never did any of those things on discord and discord support they sure do like to abuse there power and disable our accounts whenever they feel like it this is wrong

  • Lucyfr

    My acc got disabled yesterday and i didnt even got information why that happaned.

  • exelier

    i know its old comment, but i iwll be honest, they doesnt care what happens to us, they are like machines

    You do this? BAN, this? DISABLED!

    they will never really care if its fair, if we lose some part of nostalgia, memes we would again get back if we send it

    All they do is just trying to show We dont need discord, and then they will need us, but its too late

  • Sparkelswolf

    My account was just recently falsely disabled, I only use Discord for the call system when I am playing with my friends on a game and the occasional chatting with only 5 friends, I am in 3 Discord servers which I do not talk in. I am completely confused to why my Discord account got disabled without a reason or a warning, I followed the necessary steps and submitted a report. 15 hours later Discord responds claiming that I violated the terms and service of Discord and will not be reinstating my account, that is false I did not violate the rules my account has been falsely disabled and Discord will not do anything about it.

  • ufuk onur tesel

    My account just recently falsely disabled too i use discord for chatting with my friends and stuff and i got banned when we are talkjing about technology we didnt use racist words or anyhting we were laughing and it banned th out of us

  • Nenthe

    My account was disabled for being “underage” where i am 17 and in my country you can be 16 to use discord. I was sending tickets but no response sadly. My account was nenthe#8475 or just nenthe


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