Pageup/pagedown now scrolls too far



  • Hanryu

    I'm having this problem also; it scrolls enough that I usually lose 1 line of text from the message I'm reading at the bottom of the screen.

    discord: 0.0.258 (0.0.258)

    macOS 10.14.6 (18G6020)

    20px font scaling

    8px space between groups

    zoom level 100

  • Jim1

    I'm experiencing the same problem, missing a line or two when using page down.  When reviewing 200 comments from overnight, it now take me half again more time from before. 

    Page down, scroll up a bit, regain continuity, read, rinse and repeat.  This assumes I have the text window as focus, which I often forget.

    It's not clear to me why anyone would want that.  Please revert or fix it :)



  • Moo

    This. So much this. I wrote the following to try to complain on the bugs server but I expect I'd just get "that's not a bug", so this is probably a better place.

    May not be considered a bug, but IMHO, after recent changes to the scrolling system, reading scrollback is far more troublesome and the new scrolling is basically unfit for purpose.
    Page Up/Down is particularly problematic. It used to work fine, scrolling about 4/5 of a screen of text. Showed loading dots when loading, which interrupted the scrolling but after it was loaded, there was no problem.
    Now, it scrolls more than a whole page at a time, making it basically useless. Even if it scrolled exactly a whole page, that's still too much for comfortable reading.
    With any way of scrolling, including middle-click drag/move, scrolling to show a non-loaded area sometimes results in the scroll position jumping back to where that area is off screen, and sometimes scrolling into a non-loaded area results in jumping forwards past some messages.

    Even if everything was working properly, and the scrolling wasn't so unpredictable, having blocks displayed across the whole window at any point means there's no way to tell where you are any more, which is disorienting. I don't see how this is any improvement at all from the old wait-while-loading. The only time I could imagine this kind of system being better is when you are trying to quickly scroll back a long way. But again, with nothing to go by, you can't do that effectively anyway.


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