Custom Badges would resolve all the "form spam" like Verified Bot Dev



  • ForTombstone

    I don't think fee-per-badge will be a worth it system for the customers. However, custom badges can also be an additional perk for Discord Nitro. It is also good if you can get discounts for custom badge slots by purchasing Nitro, just like server boosts.

  • Alpaca

    I think adding this into Nitro tiers would be awesome, especially since the tier 2 really only has server boosting built-in as a unique perk over classic. Like SIGINT-6 said, discounting additional badge slots for Nitro users is a fabulous idea. This is a solid potential solution to the custom badge craze. 

  • GlitchyPSI

    Server Badges could be an interesting Boost incentive...

  • Mr. Garami

    A good idea,
    But there will be too many icons and they will lose their value.
    I have HypeSquad myself, and I got it easily and without difficulty
    People will make badges for profit, and for ordinary people they will be invaluable.


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