I got detected as "something out of the ordinary going on"



  • I managed to get it to send a phone verification. Problem solved.

  • Coding

    Hi There!

    Glad you figured it out! This forum is specifically for Discord suggestions/feedback, so please contact Discord directly at https://dis.gd/request next time.



  • Aquatic_PJ

    Oh I hi! So I was saying the same message to each person Becuase I neeeded help woth scripting so kept dming people over and over that’s problem why but Unfortunately I don’t have a phone number. So I’m just hoping I can verify with email but thanks for explain why really helped me!

  • EMD GP9 Railfan


  • Sifaw

    I also need help witht he exact same problem.. please help me.

  • Concat

    Same problem over here and I don't even own a phone, please help.

  • the man behind the toaster

    i was inviting people to my server and it did the exact same thing


    I was boutta chat with someone and that happened to me too


    Concat F

  • Sifaw

    Sup dude. So basically, you put your phone number in the thingy, and then it will send u a  verification code in ur SMS. For me it didnt work and im working with staff to remove the thingy. You should also talk to mods/staff if it dont work. 

  • Xx_Silentshot_xX

    I have the same problem but j cant put in phone number.. it says invalid

  • Sandvich

    Its asking me to verify my account by phone. the only problem is I DON'T HAVE A PHONE.

  • Anthony34

    same thing happened to me, i dont have phone though... im kinda mad

  • Peppermint Candy

    Discord MUST fix this. Or i'm going to go be an angry Karen

  • help please

    I got the same thing, I've reached out for support and they won't respond.  I don't have a phone, and I never verified my phone to discord, so I don't know what happened.  If you can help, here is my email.


  • chicken

    Same problem.  I don't even have a phone number.  Discord didnt respond to my email- THIS HAPPENED TWICE ON 2 ACCOUNTS-! WTF IS HAPPENING?

  • andrew071117

    same with me i got it but i don't have a phone it happened on so many accounts

  • peepee poopoo

    Same thing

  • Artur_HKBA

    Same problem to me. I have to do that but I don’t have a SIM......

  • The Beast

    My also it is showing same problem and when I just verify my number it showed an another active user is using this number pls help me out of this problem

  • uwu10

    Lol i was just playing minecraft dungeons and with my stream open in a voice chat on a discord server and i said if anyone wants to play too online hit me up a friend request i answered like 4 friend requests and went to message them and it popped up i was like Cool i can still see popup notifications of people messages me but i cant respond back and when i put my phone number in it says Phone Number Invalid Which it should not be as i use it on every other device and it instantally sends me a txt 

  • Vocox

    Same thing happen to me today

  • Vocox

    But I'm a kid and, I don't have a phone so I don't think I will be able to login again.

  • JustineGaming1223

    It happened to me 4 times and I rlly need help cuz I've been making accounts cuz idk what to do I did put my phone number on it and It worked and not invalid but it says when I got the verification code and put it on the verification it says verification code expired already not a minute has passed btw, it's strange help

  • electricc

    I need help with this aswell, its annoying as hell

  • bob123

    i just got mine and i put in my phone number but didnt work

  • ChuzaMia786

    I just made my account 2 days ago and it said weve detected something i was wth like why can't u put a email verify bc most people don't have phones and my account has 43 messages and i am waiting i sent 4 emails 2 today and 2 yesterday I am upset my best friend is on there and yeah I just want my discord account like rn...

  • 💚Green Shadow💚

    i had this problem just put in a new phone number and dont take it off

  • Terry_Zee

    Just got this after using this account for about a year.

    What even causes this to appear? I'm not giving Discord my phone number.

  • tabby

    i dont have a phone


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