Why I believe removing the verified bot badge is wrong.



  • Two

    The badge was never meant to motivate people to make bots. It was just a badge to show off you have a cool bot over 100 servers. A lot of people have been abusing this badge like selling accounts and badges therefore Discord staff probably made the decision to remove it. Tons of people just want that badge to look cool or act like an actual developer when they aren't. If people just decided to not sell badges and not abuse, the badge would've still existed. Blame the ones who abused the system, not the Discord staff.

  • Permanently deleted user

    If people are selling accounts with the badge thats a whole separate issue under account sharing. I also presented extra requirements for the bots in my post that they could've enforced instead. There were much better ways to fix account sharing and bot abuse than deleting the badge. And believe it or not, even if it wasn't the only motivation, it was motivating.

  • highnachten

    i think solution is set Veification from 75 servers to for example 200 or 1k

  • MutantRabbit767

    @mafinek. agreed.

  • That Guy

    It feels like they aren't awarding the developer of the bot. If the developer made the whole bot, then they should get some recognition.


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