communication mode



  • zNickSpeed

    I also want this option to return to the application, so that the sound is not muffled

  • FURIO$$ 🇧🇪

    Gostaria que o modo comunicação voltasse, a voz fica muito abafada no modo chamada

  • kanin

    I call with my girlfriend in bed and watch stuff with her, my audio is now muffled without the option. Hope they bring it back.

  • Daan0094

    I was using "communication mode" with my bluetooth headset to kept my high music quality while talking with friends.

    Now this options was removed (why???) and I can't listen and talk at the same time.

    Please, bring this function back.


    Eu estava usando o "modo de comunicação" com meu fone de ouvido bluetooth para manter minha alta qualidade de música enquanto conversava com amigos.

    Agora essa opção foi removida (por quê ???) e não consigo ouvir e falar ao mesmo tempo.

    Por favor, tragam esta função de volta.

  • drwxn

    yeah please bring it again.

  • Brainoctopussolutions

    Communication mode has been essential for a friend of mine who has a niche technical issue and used it as her only workaround. She's been told it's a rare enough problem that they can't justify fixing, so the removal of this otherwise really useful feature is extra annoying

  • Nyra

    In Call Mode people couldn't hear, but they could in Communication Mode. Really need this back. Why did they even remove it?

  • wike

    I asked customer support and they have no answers, so maybe the devs just decided to remove it for literally no reason. I kinda wish they made the other mode default instead tbh. It seems to work a lot better especially on mobile.

  • kanin

    Wike, I contacted support and they told me that they removed it in the most recent update and to put it in suggestions. They were nice about it but still annoying to not have it anymore.

  • Aeztyr

    Eu quero a opção de volta. Minhas ligações estão péssimas.

    I want the option back. My call experience is awful.

  • Kommandant Frisk

    I just switched my phone to a Galaxy A71, a phone that from what I understand they prototyped their mobile overlay on, and after this update even this phone has garbled calls without the option for communication/call mode. Please bring it back.

  • Xanasazi

    This has literally made discord unusable for me on android. I don't understand why they would just remove a feature that so many people needed.


    Install old version~~~

    You can easily find old apk if you google. i think you're looking for version 35.4

  • floral shoppe

    Thank u for making this thread! I've had a temporary fix w/ the audio quality by just calling any number on regular phone while I'm in a voice channel, which brings back the quality until you leave the channel. It's a bit tedious but I think I'll stick to it until communication mode is brought back.

  • Nope

    This MUST be returned!

  • High on Sulfur Hexafluoride

    PLEASE BRING IT BACK!! I'm not able to use my external mic anymore since this has been removed, and now I use instagram live a lot more than discord. It would be a huge thing for discord with publicity wise for you to be able to use an external mic on mobile. Since there are no social media apps that allow you to use external mics in DM calls, it would be a big thing if you added support for external mics on mobile or just add back the setting which seems a lot easier!

  • CatTheKitten

    Please bring it back, these changes make calling on mobile unbearable and it's getting harder to stay on the old version. The audio sounds terrible with the forced setting now, either muddled or completely deafening.

  • lukey1028

    I miss the call mode option cuz that's the only way discord didnt sound like 60's radio sitting in a fish bowl! I found an old version online to get that back, but in doing so I gave up the ability to stream or view streams. Really thinking of switching apps I cant believe discord took those helpful options away.

  • Avgustyna

    Просим вернуть эту опцию.


    Хотелось бы чтобы вернули эту функцию

  • Slackot

    Here to continue this. Because yes, we still want it back. It's been over half a year, Discord. Do something.

  • L

    please bring this back discord devs!

  • Still cannot update Discord because of this, I cannot even see screenshares or anything because I can't update Discord. This is ridiculous

  • Mikkel

    I don't know why they would get rid of useful options

  • Nope

    I have tweeted at them a few times now and they don't care to respond at all either

  • Stormsurgez

    Zzzzzzzzzzz ignored for years

  • talonix

    I just wanted to point out that removing this made choosing an external Bluetooth microphone not possible which sucks :(

  • VicoRollo

    pls bring it back


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