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  • ferrvri

    I think linking one YouTube account to endless number of Discord accounts is a serious part of this problem

  • TheCuriousCatPerson

    Ban Evasion is against Discord rules and you can report the users who bypassed their bans to the Trust and Safety Team here

    You can tell the owners of the server to increase security as well

  • nathannnann

    TheCuriousCatPerson You correct in all ways there, if someone does invade a ban I report the user straight away with no hesitation. And I try and get maximum security in all my servers too.

  • ferrvri

    We have maximum security level.
    Role integration allows user to buy sub to one YouTube account, then instantly get role on our server for all his Discord accounts.
    If user have a role, he no longer needs to be approached by safety requirements.

    If I am a moderator, and I have permission to ban people, why can’t I ban violator. Turns out that I can only kick them, because it is too easy to evade ban.

    I must write official report and wait long time while violator can make 50 or 100 new accounts. And what are my actions? I has to ban every account which registered today, but I don’t  know, is it a violator or usual newbie.

    I reported one user and now waiting for response for 2 days already. You say you report all similar cases by yourself, but at the server with almost 40k people, ban evasions is not unique cases.

  • !🐺kikopower🐺[Lvl. 1]

    There are bots that exist on Discord with the sole purpose of increasing security.


    The server owner in question can hire a bot developer to program a bot with an auto detection that restricts access and bans users for specific actions that they have done.


    Such as spamming. Lets say 10 users are spamming random lines of text and expletives, in the time spam of seconds. They will be automatically banned and IP banned. The bot sends the ban reason to a private text channel with the username and user ID (not the same as their IP). Said channel should be named #logs or something similar that only moderation and administration roles can access. Or if the server owner wants, can make it audit log go public. 

    It's unavoidable that said users will try to evade the ban and IP ban. But that's why the bot automatically does that for you. And for the couple 1-3 other ones that are violating the server rules and being general scumbags that the bot doesn't detect, you can go a moderate them.


    There are also free Discord bots that can customized via settings for this purpose. Or the server owner can just develop their own security bot if they know how to do so. As long as the bot in question does not violate user privacy, then it's alright.


    The multiple YouTube integration is definitely a problem that Discord's development team needs to sort out.


    Also, regarding the IP ban evasion problem... Discord does not have the authority to ask ISPs to restrict access to their program for certain individuals. Your only luck is with a bot.


    There are bunch of other things I want to say, but I forgot what they are. Sorry.



    I do not represent Discord. If you need any help, feel free to contact them via


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