multiple server owners



  • CharlieCat

    I think this is a good idea


  • Abdiel

    I really like your idea, for example I have realized that one of the terms to request to be a partner in discord if your server meets the requirements, is that the owner of this discord is the one who requests it. However, in some cases there may be several owners of these servers that handle a large community scale, and this could be a help to strengthen the discord partner, since some of us are not very attentive

  • XjeaxaxX

    Also... what happens if the owner dies, and there was only one owner?

  • JangoJungle

    In fact I have experiencied a situation like that. A friend of mine who had the ownership of our most used discord channel for the last 4 years, recently died due to Covid-19. The previous owner was another friend of mine who is still activelly using the channel with me and other friends and now neither of us has the autority to change anything on the aforementioned discord channel. There is any way you guys know that we can get the ownership back?

  • glaqss.

    I actually really like the idea, but can see how it can complicate things for discord, with APIs and such, content moderation, and settings changes. I would like to see something like this implemented, perhaps a ranked order of next owners in case of the actual owner's death.

  • Afzali yusof

    I asked for same question


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