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    I'm not sure if this is a joke or whatever it is.


    But this entire thing stinks of just wanting a supporter badge in order to satiate the desire of wanting it.


    If a "Late" supporter badge was created for the sake of giving it to users... Discord might as well scrap the entire idea and rename the badge into "Supporter" badge that all users, that have purchased Nitro, can receive as a complimentary reward.


    No. The reason why there is an "Early Supporter" badge is because Nitro didn't even exist until Discord decided to add it. And it wasn't really that great. There were no perks other than receiving the badge of when a user started supporting Discord through Nitro.


    Basically, Nitro was a monthly donation in order to expand its features. Like a subscription service, but with no service.


    I would say the only time Nitro was even remotely good was around 2018, when supporters could play an astounding library collection of PC video games that were/are popular and the newest released of that year. And supporters could play a free trial version of that game for an entire year until the Nitro Games service ended. They could download the game in Discord, and even initialize the game Discord itself Now all we have are emojis and... Spending more money to support our favorite servers. I would definitely go back to 2018 in a heartbeat if it meant playing "free" games again.


    I'm rambling off topic. Users with the "Early Supporter" badge are proven to have voluntarily supported Discord Nitro in it's early experimental phases. Emphasis on "Early", because the subscription didn't even have to be a recurring payment. Any user could have supported for 1 month and still have gotten the badge if it was before October 10, 2018, it doesn't matter when so long as it was within the time frame. On the plus side, the badge is permanent even when a user stops supporting Discord Nitro


    On the other hand, a "Late Supporter" badge would be completely contradictory to the original intent of the distribution of the "Early Supporter" badge. In simple terms, "If you didn't support Discord Nitro in its early stages, you can't have the badge." 


    Finally, Discord Nitro is a voluntary subscription service. No one should ever feel forced or obligates to spend their money at anytime if they don't feel like it. This also applies in real life situations too.


    I'm sorry if you feel that you, or anyone else reading this, missed out of obtaining the "Early Supporter" badge. But don't feel too bad about yourself. If it makes you feel better, coming from me who has the badge itself, I don't feel any different or greater from owning it. In the end, the "Early Supporter" badge is just a bunch of subpixels on a screen. Nothing to really spout on about.


    Spend your money on the things you need, and then save your money. Only after you have done those two then you can spend your money on the things you want without being dictated by others telling you what to do with your own money.

  • kikibbpig

    Supporter badge use the current early supporter badge. New early supporter badge turn into a golden nitro badge ?

  • Photon

    I agree with kikopower.

  • Asqry

    There is a nitro badge for a reason and a SEPARATE early supporter badge for a reason.


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