Discord won't accept my government issued id to proof I'm over 13+



  • !🐺kikopower🐺[Lvl. 1]

    Sorry to hear that. I didn't know Discord had this age verification policy going on. I guess people learn something new every day.


    I'm going to be completely straightforward with you. It's you and the system. I think a user initially suspected you of being an underage user and reported you which is a highly likely scenario.


    Discord doesn't interpret birth certificates as ID since they can be forged with falsified information... Or they don't accept birth certificates as a form of ID.


    Depending on where you live (I'm going to assume here in the U.S. just like me), you should just ask your parents if they have any state issued photo ID of you. That way, Discord can't say anything else on the matter.


    Or you can just all out. Birth Certificate, Photo ID, Drivers License (if you're driving) Social Security Card, Passport Book and Card, and/or Military ID (if any parent is a military veteran who qualified for after service benefits... and permits themselves to sponsor their children... highly unlikely that you have one though).


    I think Discord is just being really unfair. However, if you do happen to show any of these forms of ID, you should definitely threaten legal prosecution in a court of law if your information is found anywhere besides what you would have authorized its use for. Even if they say it here, https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041820932-Help-I-m-over-13-years-old-but-I-got-locked-out, that they won't do anything sketchy with your information... You can't trust their word.


    A better scare tactic than legal prosecution would be to respond with "I'll have to consult with my lawyer on the matter and sort out my options before authorizing the distribution of my personal information." That'll definitely put whoever is in charge of your case on the edge of their seats.


    Or you could just be lying and I could be giving you weapons to get your account back. Who knows. I don't know the full reason behind why you got denied access to Discord's services for age suspicious. However, I wish you the best in your situation and hope something good happens.


    Also please do avoid shady servers that arouse suspicion upon you. Like I said, it is highly likely that someone reported you. Maybe because something you did or said that was good enough reason for them to report you.


    Take good care



    I do not represent Discord and am not in affiliated in anyway. If you have any questions or need help, please consult with support via https://dis.gd/request

  • Parrettanthony38

    Same thing Happened I'm 13 why would I need to give information also I sent how long would it take they say the same thing the discord staff needs to be less strict.

  • Dogsteeves

    Does your Birth certificate have a Photo on it I know in Canada they don't 

    I just put in one with a Canadian Healthcard I hope it works It has my dob and photo


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