We would like to pay to increase channel cap of 500



  • Mike Vander Veen

    Love the format of the Kickstarter Games server on Discord. But, it is so sad to see channels be deleted to make room for new channels with the constant new flow of Kickstarter projects and the growing user base of the server. https://discord.gg/BdXqqFK

  • Flash

    Increasing past 500 channels is really not practical, and would cause WAY too much lagg for your server to the point it is no longer enjoyable.

  • Tchrin

    That's easily fixed with improved hardware. Which if that's whats required would be great to see as an option (for a fee). 


  • mathguthrie

    Flash, how do you make such a statement with that amount of certainty without knowing anything about the activity level of the channels?  I would think that a performance issue like the one that you raised would be dependent upon the activity levels of the channels, not just the number of channels?

  • thebeard

    I'm really not sure how you can say something so certain, Flash, unless you are a developer for Discord?

    If you are then I'm very sorry but your reply merely demonstrates bad architecture in the back end; 500 channels causing a lag would indicate to me a very badly optimised back end.

    Also as Mathguthrie says channels !== activity.

    Finally smart management of notification streams would resolve any lag; I think already Discord only notifies that there ARE messages in a channel and doesn't download them if you aren't reading said channel; once a channel has a notification then no further messages are required as "pending messages" is a boolean state.

    Fundamentally this is a plausible request which should have negligible impact on performance.

  • Vann

    Just want to add in that we'd really like to see a raised cap over the 500 channels.

    In regards to lag, I can understand maintaining the 50 cap per category for any usability or lag. But I'm also not sure why more channels would mean more lag.

    We use Discord by assigning private channels to certain groups of people.. and whilst we're not yet near 500, I'm wanting to ensure we have a solution for when we are.


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