Add support for Esperanto characters in the font



  • nazrin

    just use x-system /s

    but lol ya, it does look kind of annoying haha

  • stergro

    For me it looks like they are using a fallback font for the Esperanto letters, that's why they are looking a little different. IMO there are three ways to fix this:

    1. add the Esperanto letters to the discord standard font.

    2. switch to a Unicode font that supports more letters,

    3. switch to a better fall back font that looks more like the original one.

    Is this also a issue for other languages? Maybe we could extend this issue to more letter to make it more relevant. IMO discord would benefit a lot from a complete Unicode font.

  • AGUArius

    This is something that annoys me too. I don't know why Discord doesn't have these letters when a majority of other chat services already have proper font support for Esperanto. But I just did a little research, and the company that made the 'Whitney' font used throughout most of Discord (Hoefler&Co.) actually states outright on their website that they don't support characters for "synthetic languages" like Esperanto.

    I personally find that statement to be rather disrespectful honestly. Just because Esperanto is a constructed language doesn't mean it isn't used, and in fact it's written/spoken by many people around the world, like any living language. I would really appreciate it if anyone at Discord could either work with this company to add these special characters to the service, or perhaps consider switching to a different typeface with more complete Unicode support.

  • stergro

    Thanks for this information. The only thing that we can do now is regularly and politely ask if they could add Esperanto to the font. When they see that there is a demand for it, we might have a chance. I will write to them now, I hope others will follow.

    There are big discord servers in Esperanto, so maybe this is even a viable business case for them.



    I support the request. It looks very bad when you switch to Esperanto server and see those bold characters everywhere. 

    I would understand the problem if we talked about something like Ithkuil with crazy writting system, but those Esperanto characters are just pure latin characters with a "cap" above. Copy and paste, copy and paste in any font editor.

  • Serentty

    The problem is way deeper than just not supporting Esperanto letters (although I do care about that a lot). They don't support most of the letters needed to write one of the languages that they themselves have translated the UI into—Vietnamese. How they could localize the program into a language and not realize that the text rendering is severely screwed up is beyond my comprehension. If they're going to be so incompetent at supporting Latin script text, then they should add an option to change the font, or, if they can't even do that, just do NOTHING but stop being so asinely uptight about modifying the CSS as if this “client modification” is of any real that to them.

  • caixinha

    embarrassing, especially considering the whole vietnamese thing i read about above

  • Jjajangioli

    this problem is probably one of the lower priorities but probably one of the easier to fix by adding the new characters to the font. Discord is one of the biggest services which Esperantists use to talk, and eĥoŝanĝo ĉiuĵaŭde characters are very important to communicate.

  • CodeWeaver

    Our Discord server is one of the largest Esperanto servers with over 4800 members from all continents (except Antarctica), growing by about 1000 users per year. There are many more Esperanto servers that I don't know about, but all of us depend on these letters (Ĉ, Ĝ, Ĥ, Ĵ, Ŝ, Ŭ). The greater Esperanto community faces much undue criticism over poor support for these letters which in fact belong to the Latin Extended-A Unicode block. We solemnly ask for Discord to implement a solution for these letters which are not rendered by the typical font.

    I understand that fonts are seldom designed to support all Unicode characters, given that there are over a million codepoints. This is no problem when an entire script is unsupported, because the entire script will fallback to another, perhaps dedicated font. However Esperanto is still Latin-script; the mixing of fonts within a word is, more than anything else, a barrier to the widespread recognition of Esperanto as a legitimate language. This is similarly dismissive to languages like Vietnamese, the speaking community of which I'm sure would also appreciate support in a given chat platform.

    Neither the font Whitney, nor its foundry, should be vilified for its decision on which characters to support — they must draw a line somewhere, and it's up to the client (in this case, Discord) to assess whether a given font meets their needs. I am hopeful that, eventually, Discord will consider Esperantists a meaningful part of its userbase, such that it would resolve these five letters that Whitney does not support (it supports 'Ŭ'). I say this as an ardent Esperantist and as a Discord Nitro subscriber and 8-time server booster.

    Discord might consider requesting the Whitney authors to add these letters to their typeface. Whitney already has the letters and the diacritics, they just need to be combined. Failing that, the ability by a user to select a preferred font would be the most accessible solution for any and all languages.

    Although this wouldn't truly fix the problem, another, simpler option is to pick a better fallback font — one that more closely resembles Whitney. I compared some fonts side-by-side with Whitney and found Source Sans Pro to be a fantastic option, and available for Discord to use as it's licensed under the Open Font License: I would readily accept this solution over nothing, though it would be best as a short-term solution.

    I am thankful for the hard work Discord spends nurturing and growing such a featured chat/discussion app, the use of which has become part of a daily routine for millions of people, including myself. Thank you for considering what I have to say on behalf of the Esperanto community.

  • Cosmonaut Kitten

    It's a small thing but something that would be greatly appreciated!

  • Zuzu

    Seconded!  This would hugely improve my experience

  • Cavalex

    Yes please someone look into this!

  • Nari1102

    Î ĉôm̂p̂l̂êt̂êl̂ŷ âĝr̂êê ŵît̂ĥ t̂ĥîŝ p̂r̂êp̂ôŝît̂îôn̂

  • PoltixeTheDerg

    This has been bugging me for awhile now, id really apprecriate this being fixed!

  • Amadeo Sendiulo

    There are at least two very active Esperanto servers and probably many less active, but esperantists use also direct messages and this group chat option. For exemple we were making a YouTube video in Esperanto and our work language was Esperanto.

  • Pattty® 🇸🇻

    Please add Esperanto characters to Discord. (And to language options, maybe 💚)

  • JNSiQwa

    I concur with these sentiments. Esperanto font support would be excellent and much appreciated!

  • The Alicia

    Esperanto is a beautiful language with a community just as beautiful, and the font issue doesn't do its beauty justice. Seeing Esperantan text with a munted font like that gives the impression that it's some obscure off-brand thing, which it is definitely not. It would be good to give user freedom to choose a font of their own, but if the default font still has this issue by then, then the problem still stands. I don't imagine combining glyphs to be a difficult thing to do, so I hope that this isn't too much to ask, and thank you for your consideration!

  • iCode6

    I use Discord daily to communicate with other Esperanto speakers.  I am a Nitro member for the sole purpose of supporting the platform where I spend so much time communicating in Esperanto.  I would be grateful if the default Discord font supported Esperanto in a cohesive and clean manner.  If that is not possible, at least allow users to specify alternate fonts for the interface.

  • Reese Rivers

    I second this all. It's only fair to add an option for the user to change their own font; other services offer this handily, and it's an easy choice for users who speak languages that aren't fully supported by the built-in font, which look bad due to the fallback characters. It can also double as an accessiblity feature, since some users might prefer a font more easily readable to them (such as if they have dyslexia).

  • beeerden

    I agree with the sentiments expressed in this thread regarding Esperanto special characters

  • Loppan

    It'd be very much apreaciated! :)

  • Bomboclat

    I have been learning Esperanto for about three months now, and the biggest part of my progress has come from Esperanto communities on Discord. I am really thankful for the possibilities that Discord has given me - the possibility to join communities and find friends with the same interests from all across the world, be it learning Esperanto or drawing or whatever might be drawing people together.

    Even though this isn’t really a big problem, I think that either adding these letters to the main font or using another fallback font (such as Source Sans Pro) would help us Esperanto users and thus the growth of the Esperanto community. As other people here have stated, using another fallback font than Helvetica Neue could improve the experience for users of other languages as well, such as Vietnamese, which could make discord feel more including to a lot of people.
    We are really thankful for your time and consideration.
    Dankon/Thank you

  • aurAnimo

    as people above said, it would be such a simple fix as changing the fallback font- not even needing to edit the font already used with the text.

    I do believe the better option would be not only to add these characters to the font, but also the possibility to change the text font at will in the setting; but just changing the fallback font would already help a lot for this matter.

  • jebus

    Some related posts I've found after looking for "fonts", but there are a lot (I only checked a few). This could all be fixed by letting the user change the fonts:

    Font problems for Arabic

    Font problems for dyslexics

    Font problems for Japanese

    Font problems for Korean

  • doom

    Discord is where I use Esperanto almost exclusively and our letters look horrible! CodeWeaver's fallback change would look amazing

  • Mekhanicus

    Saluton! Ĉu vi volas aldoni tiujn literojn al diskord' nun aŭ kiam?
    Sal! Vi devas aldoni tiujn literojn.

    Vivu ŜĈĜĴĤ ŝĉĝĵĥ

    Please add this letters, EO community will respect you!

  • jan Kapilu

    I support the request

  • Lanjo

    Agreed, Discord should change the fallback font as suggested in previous comments (

    Ideally, the user should be able to choose both primary and fallback fonts in appearance settings. This provides basic language support.

  • grey

    I greatly support this request.

    As a monolingual, I'm currently studying Esperanto to help build a stronger foundation in Latin roots before diving deeper into my French studies, and after a bit of exposure to the Esperanto community, I've not only garnered more appreciation for the language at large but I've also really wanted to get more involved with other speakers on the platform as I feel like it would be an excellent environment for practice. However, the font is indeed quite irksome to look at. I'm sure that a fix for both Esperanto and Vietnamese would be highly appreciated.


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