Gif Emoji Use Within Sever - Nitro Boosting



  • almostsuspense
    no, i pay for nitro and i don't want people to steal one more nitro perk just because the server is boosted
  • Ane

    Not so much removing the nitro perk, because nitro allows the use of them across all servers, this would only allow you to use MY animated emojis, in MY server, not anywhere else. 

  • kawasaki

    I don't see the harm of it. It would make sense if it's a level 3 server addition as it is the hardest to achieve, and it might possibly encourage more people to boost the server 

  • almostsuspense

    i refered to the animated emoji perk not the one which allow you to use emotes across servers

  • FrozenPuffle

    I'm late to the party, but I agree. I think that if a server has achieved a certain boosted level the members in the server should be able to use gif emotes from that server.

    Of course, Nitro members can use gif emojis from any server anywhere, but this would be nice just for that server.

    Also, for the people who don't like, I don't understand your arguments lmao. If we allow people to use the server's animated emojis, it's the same thing as allowing people in a boosted server to post bigger images. Boosting is to basically 'share' nitro perms in a server, if you don't like that just don't boost a server.


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