Nitro Classic disappearing



  • JessLovely

    I noticed the same on the desktop client (stable 66618, host 0.0.11, Linux 64-bit 4.19.0-6-amd64), though the option still appears on mobile, and the resulting link can be opened from a desktop browser as well. I haven't subscribed to either Nitro or Classic before, and was rather shocked to find it missing when I was considering getting Nitro Classic just now.

  • BurningIce

    So i connected this guy with the same issue and he emailed discord support, and they said that they were updating nitro classic and that i would cause problems with the desktop version. I have no clue if that's true or not. 

  • Mastern

    Yeah I have just read about that. It's a bug I think

  • nevukee

    My nitro classic just disappeared?? It hasn't even been a month, I've been a subscriber since 24th December and today I wake up to seeing my Nitro just vanish?
    Discord PLEASE PLEASE fix this. ;-;

  • ina ♡

    my nitro classic disappeared randomly while i was chatting w/friends discord please fix this

  • Simba

    i had nitro and i boosted the server when i woke up both of them were gone even my friends nitro was gone pls fix this

  • Hiromi

    i had nitro classic one month that was supposed to end in 22nd of january, and a nitro classic one month credit that was going to apply in 25th january but i woke up today and its gone pls fix it


    yo bro same thing happened to me just now I still got 10 more days :\

  • qluto

    Same thing with me all of a sudden with my nitro. All my friend's still have theirs but mine just vanished

  • precixus

    Literally was gifted a nitro yesterday- I come on my pc today and it’s gone. I’m glad to see i’m not the only one, though. Hope discord fixes it 😔

  • kate

    I just refunded my nitro and it disappeared, not sure why i still have my server boost though?

  • gary

    The same thing happened to me today and I had 11 days left

  • Star

    My account is having this issue also. It disappeared and only shows as a banked credit, which shouldn’t have happened when I was already on a subscription when the classic was gifted.

  • Makeshift

    The same thing happened to me today and I had around 20 days left. PLEASE FIX THIS

  • 4carti

    i had literally 2 days nitro and it disapeared lol fix it pls


  • 𝑂𝑖𝑐ℎ𝑒

    my nitro disappeared today after boosting a server.

  • ✿*

    I've only had nitro for 6 days and its already gone. I was gifted with nitro classic by my friend and she told me that she didn't cancel. She even proved this by showing that she didn't get any money back. Whats going on??

  • Coiny.

    heY buddy pal chum pal My and My Friend's nitro just randomly vanished despite the fact we just got them a few days ago. whatever just happened you gotta give us a refund or give us the nitro back.

    What happened to my friend is they just got their nitro, and when he bought it it just randomly disappeared. then he bought it for the second time, it's gone again. and it's only passed one day.

    Similar problem happened with me, mayhaps, my nitro just ended, and I redeemed the nitro gift 2 days ago. and when I check the inventory, it wasn't there. my friend didn't cancel it either.

  • Koni

    My nitro classic suddenly disappeared can someone help me?

  • K√R♠

    I just gifting my friend a nitro classic
    He claim it but the nitro suddenly disappeared within a hour???

  • Makario

    Nitro clasik belum sampai 2jam sudah menghilang, itu kenapa ya?

  • Shushi

    Yo my classic nitro disappeared it was suppose to end at july wtf

  • BlueGogito23

    This same problem literally just happened to me right now. I had Nitro and Classic both weren't supposed to end til the 20th of this month. I was just gonna post a 12MB Meme when all of a sudden my Nitro is gone im pissed

  • khara ani

    i bought nitro 3 days ago and today i wake up to it being gone?? wtf fix this rn


  • fae

    just got gifted nitro on the 29th june and it disappeared today 😐

  • tᴉmmy

    Contacted discord regarding this issue and haven't got any reply yet for 1 week, stop this bs

  • leviosa

    my friend just got nitro gifted to them and not even 24 hours has passed yet, and her nitro disappeared.. what 

  • not angelica

    I got gifted classic nitro july 21st and I was just chatting with some friends and it was suddenly gone? it was supposed to expire on august 21st 

  • Heather

    So i got gifted nitro classic on August 2nd and after 9 days it disappeared when its supposed to last till September 2nd???

  • I got gifted nitro on august 23 but today after 9 days it disppeared i dont have the badge nor i can use any emojis pls fix this


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