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    Rabbit Tank

    As of now, we've acted on a couple of the suggestions in this post! We've added proper screenshare functionality to Go Live, so you can share individual application windows in addition to your whole desktop. 

    That said, we haven't added the ability to watch multiple streams yet, which is another crucial part of this suggestion. However, given that the bulk of this suggestion has been acted on, I'm going to mark this as completed!

  • griffmac

    I cannot emphasize this enough. I have over a thousand people in my server who would love to be able to watch my art process when making content. I was really excited about this upcoming feature, but with the limitation to specifically games, it's now a useless feature for me and my demographic.

    Please please please bring back normal screen sharing.

  • karmicRetribution

    Only 10 viewers? Really??? Our lead developer was hoping to be able to stream while she codes, but even if she can get it to accept her coding program as a "game," this is pretty useless.


    "Go Live" feature looks like a downgrade of the screen share functionnality we had before.
    Don't get me wrong, the UI is nice, it's quite intuitive and well implemented but we had much more functionnalities before.

    • We can't show our face using camera anymore. Ugh ? Why even considering doing this ?

    No camera option ?

    • We can't watch multiple screenshares/faces at the same time anymore. It was probably the best functionnality of Discord to me, we were using this every time.
    • We can't share our screen anymore. All we can do is game share. I bet this functionnality was used more often by users to share screen (browser, youtube, photoshop, art, work, ...) than to actually share a game. There is a way to share some applications that aren't games by adding the program into game activity but even if it works it is too complicated and much less flexible than it was before because we can't switch between apps using this method.

    Sharing an app that isn't a game in this new version :

    In conclusion, i'm quite disappointed with this update and i hope we'll see the previous functionnalities implemented in this new "Go Live" UI...

  • LordRevan7

    Our D&D group would use Screen Share in conjunction with OBS when someone couldn't physically attend the session which allowed the DM to show the players and the map on two webcams as well as whatever he wanted to bring up on screen. This kills an awesome and versatile feature for no apparent reason.

    EDIT: IS there some misunderstanding about Go Live? I just checked and can still call friends and we can still use Screen Share to share the entire screen. It's not gone. I think the issue people have is the application detection for Go Live doesn't work all the time, doesn't have the entire screen functionality of Screen Share, and has the same 10 person limit as Screen Share.

  • Dr. Future

    I miss desktop screen share. First time I've been disappointed with Discord.

  • PugRoy

    Really awful and disappointing update, cannot stream apps that are not games, cannot view multiple streams at once when in a call with friends. This is all a big step in the wrong direction. I really hope you guys consider reverting these changes

  • Nauseous

    I was happy when i heard about streaming function. With nitro i could have a better picture quality. I have two monitors and i thought i could stream my screen for others (i just wanted to stream a game) and watch some other stream on second monitor if i want to. So it would be the better option than looking/hearing all screens shared simultaneously and we could stay on server not in a private chat.

    And then disappointment! I can not stream and watch same time like i used to! So even if i play only with one friend together, we have to switch all the time between streams. Either he can see me playing or i can see him playing. And with screen sharing you can do both but only with standard bad quality! It is stupid as bread! Why should i pay for nitro if it has such limitations?


  • griffmac

    @Gibby, you know what happens when you do that with Photoshop, and I'm sure countless other programs? Weird graphical issues:

    This working/broken view flickers back and forth constantly when using programs not designed for this niche feature. Not only that, if the program (Photoshop, in this case), doesn't have music in it, it's a silent stream. Do you know what would solve both of these issues?

    An actual screenshare/streaming feature. Like what we used to have and were told was coming.

    The current "Go Live" feature, regardless of its janky workaround for adding programs, is not a good substitute.

  • Kaizo

    Wait, HAVE the devs actually addressed these concerns?  Go Live isn't useful for me without the ability to stream any program or simply my desktop. I have tried to add applications as recognized games, but my stream crashes when I do that.  It's not viable.

    As nice as it is to hear that screen share will EVENTUALLY be integrated with Go Live, the fact of the matter is they took a reasonably functional feature and replaced it with something that's worse in almost every way.

    The only redeeming factor to it is that they allow people to opt in/out of viewing the stream.


    EDIT:  I tried the link bypass but it won't give me the option to screen share, even if I'm not playing a game.

  • Oceantume

    Hey. I love this feature and my friends and I are already toying with it in our small private discord server. I think a feature like this has a lot of potential and I would love to see it go further in the future. While I understand it's a new feature and there are probably technical limitations behind it, I would like to suggest for you to look into the possibility of allowing to stream and to watch one/many streams at the same time. In my case, I have a 3-players stack. We often play together and I would love for us to be able to all stream to each other so we can all see each other on our second screen in real time. I believe this could really add a new social dimension to our gaming.

  • juny1209

    I think It is good to toggle either "Go Live" or "Original Screen sharing".

  • LocalHyena


  • LebendeModasege

    With this link you can activate screenshare


    You can get the serverID by right clicking the server icon and then copy server id and the voice chanel by rightclicking the channel and copy id. For my server I programmed for getting me the link i want.


    Sadly the bot is mostly hardcoded an can't be used with in other servers.

  • LordRevan7

    You skipped a step. You need to enable developer mode. https://github.com/Chikachi/DiscordIntegration/wiki/How-to-get-a-token-and-channel-ID-for-Discord

    Also what bot? The link just takes you to voice channel of the server you copy the IDs for.

  • ARK

    I still use old screenshare, but I was looking forward to using it in servers too.

    And I finally got it today! ...and found I can't choose a window. Or a monitor.
    Does everyone in discord's staff all use one monitor? I have two. I can only share one.
    By which I mean, I can't switch monitors, even using windows stuff. Kind of an important feature.

    Go Live is a great idea. Why is it seemingly half-baked, though?

  • IceNinja™

    Please give an option to remove Go Live from server or to disable it, so it doesn`t pop up when you start a game.

    I personally don`t want it on my server, even though others may want it , I don`t , so please ADD an option to disable.

  • LocalHyena


    That trick doesn't work for everything, still relays on discord even acknowledging the programs existence if it'll turn up in the search box or not.

  • marwan

    This update is a catastrophy please change it back i beg you


  • juny1209

    I used to original screen sharing. Someday "Go Live" has added but  I hate "Go Live". WHY? "Go Live" cannot stream screen and change sharing app easily. I think that What I can know who watching this screen sharing and what you don't see screen sharing when you don't want to see is good functions  but other functions are bad.

    I think mixing screen sharing and "Go Live" in moderate will be better than now.

    but it is my opinion. I also want to know another user's opinion.

  • SpeedStreak9050

    For members of the Discord Community have throughly read the change log it states that after GoLive reaches 100% completion/implementation They are going to make A significant improvement to screen share. With screen share alone has been a major success the future improve will not be of any exception.

  • SpeedStreak9050

    Also they mention the updated screen share will integrate better with the completed GoLive

  • AshMcGivern

    I'm in the same camp as wanting it to be more Photoshop friendly - I'm having the same graphical errors as griffmac and would love to be able to share art process with a server! Discord has always been iffy when I try and select the Photoshop window and i usually just choose to share my whole screen. Until that specific functionality can be implemented this is also going to be a useless feature for me as well :C 

  • Zieben

    Found out the way to trick it. You could just add your "programm/ what ever it is" in game activity section of your settings.

  • yudih520

    gostaria que todos meus amigos pudessem assistir as lives que eu faco principalmente os o pessoal do meu server 


  • SemiR4in

    I hope that 'Go Live' is able to capture mouse point in game!

  • バレリアン

    Go live is a neat feature added to Discord but it feels like it lack of certains major options that has been there in the private group thingy.

    - Being able to screenshare your desktop instead of a certain app
    - Adding more than 10 people in a stream, cause, heh, the more the merrier?
    - Fix the software view, i'd love to share my work on photoshop, atm i'm forced to add a scene in obs then restream my obs in Discord... When it doesnt go on pause for no specific reason "we pause your live, go back to your game to resume!" Huuuuhg...

    I really hope to see Go Live evolve cause it's a really nice idea at his root!

  • Lê Long Việt

    I wish I could lock the resolution at the desired level (same YouTube).

  • Morotheri

    +1 My company uses Discord (game dev) and being able to stream desktop to watch game dev processes would be a godsend.

  • iksvo

    and mac support, you can screenshare on mac and linux, so what makes go live any different?
    Discord really like to bias their windows app, but really leave out the other two major desktop OSs. 


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