Add an option to see mouse cursor on Go Live streams



  • thebereaver

    Yes, in some games, it's very nice to have the option to show the mouse cursor. And don't just stop with that, add more options such as not pausing the stream when you're alt tabbed.

  • Ravelux

    Mouse is also not visible in League of Legends. This option would be great!

  • Ice_

    I totally agree. It would be a very useful option.
    My friend is streaming an RTS game and he is trying to show me things but there's no cursor!

  • denymagic

    It really sucks, when im playing League Of Legends and the mouse cursor isn´t showed. U guys really should add an option for that.

  • Jivvy

    The ability to see the cursor would be nice ^^

  • Reis

    Totally agreed, the lack of cursor breaks the immersion of the stream. It'd be an awesome addition!

  • Zoshe

    i like to show friends in discord what im doing on ffxiv and we just realized its not showing my mouse, any chance we can fix this

  • Пироженка

    Since the creation of the topic, almost half a year has passed, nothing was decided ... as usual, developers do not care about the wishes ...

  • Kute

    we're still waiting for this.

  • Greater Being

    This can help you as temporary solution and i don't know if it works everywhere but it worked in windows and few games which i do play. Might not work in other games.

  • Rellik_pt

    why is this still not add it,

  • Garson

    Please give us mouse cursor ! ! !

  • Edgeofhate

    Cursor not available in Cities: Skylines as well. It would be really nice to have this feature. If you don't intend to introduce it can you argument yourself as to why you don't want it introduced? I am really curious!

  • GblPower

    it's incredibly useful for streaming, is it SO hard to do? An optional checkbox "Show mouse cursor? Yes / No" can be made by any junior programmer in 2 days. Guys, please.

  • Zamboni

    Late to the party, but might I recommend just using epic pen and drawing on the screen to fix this issue until they add the cursor on screen option? It's what I do when I go over vods with my esports team and it is very effective! 


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