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    This has been discussed in the past.

    Basically, because of the linear role hierarchy in the servers, it's not possible to make subcategories.

    If the role feature were more 3 dimensional, this could work by making categories drop down, or side scroll the screen.


    The current solution to this would be

    - template role (server owner/admin role)

    - template role (mod)

    - template (Friends... because why not)

    - Category (Games)

         - Subcategory (Game 1)

         - Subcategory (Game 2)

         - Subcategory (Game 3)


    User 1:

    - Games

         - Game 1


    User 2:

    - Games

         - Game 2


    User 3: 

    - Games

         - Game 3


    The Games role would have same permissions across all users. But the multiple games would have different permissions and access to certain channels for each user that has a particular role.

    And if a user is is playing 2 - 3 games it would be...


    - Friends (because i wanted to)

    - Games

         - Game 1

         - Game 3

    Games has to be above the other 3 in order to make it a subcategory in itself.


    You could also follow the same format for any other topic/subject of the matter.

    And if you want to put multiple categories under the same group, it would be


    Note: It has to follow the role hierarchy or it won't work as intended.


    - Group Category Name (Misc.)

         - Category 1 (Food)

              - Food 1 (American)

              - Food 2 (Italian)

              - Food 3 (Japanese)

         - Category 2 (Games)

              - Game 1 (League)

              - Games 2 (Minecraft)

              - Games 3 (CS:GO)

         - Category 3 (Music)

              - Music 1 (Rap)

              - Music 2 (Pop)

              - Music 3 (Lo-fi)


    so on and so forth if u want to add that group/lead role into another multi category list




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