Adding Some New Features



  • oBinz

    Customizable Join Date
    That would be a terrible idea because some bots sometimes rely on join dates for verification and for role giving, so that's a no from me. And plus where else can you change your join date. That would make being an OG of discord useless.

    More than 100 Servers (But only With Nitro)
    Even with discord getting $10.00 a month from nitro that's not nearly enough money to get more storage and bandwidth. And plus if they added that feature they would need to put ads on the app and website to make money.

    More Than 500K Members in a server( I Know I don't own a 500k Server but there are many of my fav server's which i can't join due to this reason)
    The server owners would have to pay an extra fee for that probably because giving people 500k members on a server is very expensive for discord. See the answer above as well.

  • ! Starkky

    IDK What to say
    I Just need these Features to be added. And I hope everyone would like it


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