Bring back server screen share



  • mrb398

    I do not use discord for gaming purposes. I use it as a communications tool to oversee teams of developers. We were utilizing screenshare on a daily basis, so much so we purchased nitro for everyone to increase the screen-share resolution up to 1080.

    As an IT director with a lot of development experience, I fully understand the intricacies of feature introduction and depreciation. The bottom line is screen-share is simply too large of a feature to drop, and was a very bad move. I've been promoting Discord at conferences and events as a solution to various problems relating to the gig economy, remote workers, etc etc.

  • Zumbuh

    Yes please. It was removed from my friend's server today. We used it pretty much every time we were in the server. Go Live cannot replace it, as it cannot stream the whole desktop. I do not understand why it was changed.

  • LORD

    Apparently the feature was only ever applied to certain servers (according to the person I spoke to over Support, their server never even got it) and was always "expirmental".

    All of this is information that would have been great to know before now. Not once when using Screen Share did the feature give any indication that it was "expirmental", there was never any pop-up saying "Hey, this feature is in beta!" or something. It just seemed to be a normal, every-day part of he expirence, which made sense seeing as screen-sharing is something that's been around since the Skype dark ages.

  • flufferfish

    We also use discord for non-gaming purposes, in addition to gaming purposes. For the same reason of not having to wake others involved in the development process, we used the voice channels in the server instead of needing to create 10 different groups for different sets of people being able to work at different times, which would also require coordination of making sure that we weren't excluding anyone - we used a specific voice chat in the server for the purpose of development.

    I can understand removing something because it wasn't rolled out to everyone, but since it's being replaced (with basically a partial version of the same thing), is there a way to make it more like what was there before? Go Live is basically screen-sharing, but much more limited - we can't see another person's stream if we are streaming, which means our stream gets closed and if we want the other person to be able to look back at ours, we have to make sure it's enabled again and loads. It makes the process of working, with different models at the same time for example, much slower than it was before.

  • iv230 | Lucas

    Now we have "Go live!" feature. That Discord can do, is add a way to stream our Desktop with "Go live!".

  • アスナ


  • アスナ



  • rgnd

    just add chrome or other programs as a game on settings > game activity 

  • RinoSiA


    (ブラウザはゲームの追加でGo Liveに検知させることができましたが、それで配信しても音が検出されませんでした.. ..)




  • Pspboy17

    We used this everyday, we now reminisce over it. Please add it back!

  • S I X

    I used this often as an art stream during my commissions, to get instant feedback from clients, and also to watch goofy stuff with my friends, and share music with rhythmbot while I drew. How it stands, even on 1 on 1 streaming, with decent internet, music is choppy, so it kills the experience that was perfectly fine and enjoyable before.

  • Biacco42

    Please do bring back server screen share. Doing like this looks like the revive of Skype dark ages you killed.

  • baenshee

    Added chrome and ended up running into audio issues.

  • !JPN_TM

    This seems to be the beginning of a very long Beta and is boring 😩

  • Mare44


  • kingbee0227



    現在の「Go live」では様々な問題があります。



    逆に「Go live」に付いていて便利だと思ったものは、視聴者各自で音量の調節が出来ることです。この機能は便利です。


    「Go Live」は「Go Live」で、画面共有は画面共有で共存は出来なかったのでしょうか?

  • FloppyChipYT

    tambien estaria bien que no se cortara tanto...

  • Blinge

    I miss this feature already.

  • 3vil

    I can Imagine them getting rid of the feature to bring it back in for "finishing touches" before releasing it for everyone.
    To those of you who desperately need this feature, you can still access the "video sharing portion" of a voice channel by being in the voice call and then clicking the link which amounts to
    More on obtaining ids over at

  • LORD


    While I certainly hope you're correct in assuming Screen Share will return with more polish, I have to ask: What was there to polish? From what I remember it was working perfectly fine for a really long time. I mean, it's a feature that's existed since the Skype dark ages - not only that, but it's still fully functional in 1-on-1 voice calls in Discord. The functionality still exists and still works just as well as it did before. The only difference is that now you can't actively do it in servers, instead they gave us this pitiful "Go Live!" option which, while it might be good for streaming games, is utter garbage as a replacement for Screen Share.

    Also - and this may be a subjective issue - I've actively tried using the hotlink option you've mentioned in your post and it didn't work for me at all. It came up with a discord link in the chat but clicking it did nothing. I can try it again at some point but even then it's a pretty lame compromise.

  • talkthetalk

    Just throwing in my two cents, but I much prefer the older screen share to the newer Go Live feature. Go Live is the same thing with less functionality.

    I guess the idea was for ease of gaming, but my friend is playing a game right now and when I asked him to stream it, he said he didn't have the option. Discord didn't even recognize the game as a game, so I'm doubly confused why this move was made.

    Please bring back screen sharing. Even gamers preferred it.

  • 3vil


    I agree with there not being obvious changes that has to happen, yet they might have design changes or backend handling which they want to change up a bit.
    There is also the obvious issues like permissions for sharing and seeing shares, which (correct me if I'm wrong) were not in the servers which had the "video call" feature, and might be something they want to add before fully releasing it.

    As for it not working, make sure you're already in the voice channel you're trying to join (This still works as of canary build 46624) . If you're also in Streamer Mode, there won't be any options available at the bottom.
    It it obvious that this is quite the workaround, especially since you can only be either in the "video call", or in a text channel, and you'll need to click the link to get back into the "video call". It was more meant for those who really need the feature available to them right now.

    What could be done is add the link to the "video call" in a respective text channel so that getting in and out of it is easier.

    As for pure speculation, or maybe hope, they might be looking into adding integrated text and video channels such that the screen can be split the same way it does in DMs, making this whole process a lot less tedious.

  • yasminaaa

    I'm piling on here. Pleeeeease please please bring back server/channel screen share. It was so useful and honestly like nothing else that's available. We had an entire server dedicated to art sharing, where large groups of us would work together on projects or personal art, swapping techniques and feedback. I barely use discord now that this feature has been replaced by the sub par go live.

  • Chira

    I like how Go Live is implemented. Would love to see it extended to sharing your whole screen, or allow easy switching between multiple applications you're running, especially if they aren't games.

  • BlazeMachine22

    I HATE that they removed server scrceenshare. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! This only restricts access to people, no benefits!

  • LORD

    After some expirmentation, my boyfriend found out that you can actually make "Go Live" stream certain art programs. There's a catch, though: It sucks. It's far more laggy than before, the quality constantly dips to being totally unwatchable, it only works if the program itself isn't maximised and if you tab out of the program for any reason (say, to respond to a chat message) the stream freezes.

    So yeah, they basically replaced a completely, fully functional tool with a far, far worse one that is inferior in every single way and only serves to limit versatility.

    It's been 2 months since I started this thread and there's been lots of support for it, which I'm very glad about. But the fact that Discord still hasn't made an official statement on the matter is troubling.

  • FutureSonic

    I cannot make screenshare with link now on server. Go Live show only black screen with sounds. 
    We lost good function, buds ;(


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