Discord Javascript Error



  • milanwauters

    You are in luck cuz you are not the only one i have the exact same problem


  • Coola101

    I had also experienced this error, however I had found a way to fix it posted by a user known as KennieH, and here is what he said.


    go in to the build_info and change "version": "0.0.308" to "version": "0.0.307" 

    it will reuppdate discord then you cna use it agen, atleast it did for me :)

    If you don’t know how to edit “build_info.json”, when prompted with what to open it with, choose Notepad or any other script editor you might have.


  • NameLloyd14a

    Thanks Coola101 I followed the steps and it works now


  • meli ඞ

    coola101 how do u change the version to "0.0.308" to "0.0.307"


  • DoGGyX_



  • Striped Bass

    Coola101 how do you change it? thanks


  • Coola101

    You want to open the aforementioned file and search for the text that says “0.0.308”.  Once you locate it, replace it with “0.0.307” and you should be in the clear.

    the file you’re looking for, build_info.json is found in the following file directory:


    Keep in mind that NAME is a placeholder for your profile’s name on your computer.

    remember that build_info.json must be opened with a script editing program, such as Notepad, and saved once all changes have been made.  This is the best info I can offer, so if you’re still having issues after this, I can’t help.

  • groriosso sordado batatat

    in my the file resources doesnt has a build_info.json it only has app i have tried reinstaling discord but it doesnt work also i deleted something from somewhere else i dont remember where


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