Integrate with Matrix API/Spec (



  • Hans

    I'm afraid they don´t want us to be liberated from their closed silo. The future is decentralised and open communication. Long term I think the Matrix federated network is going to be the standard, and those who stay inside the locket down networks like Discord, Skype, Messenger and Telegram, is going to be left out.

  • Sooyca

    Or, if Discord team believe they have API with advantages, compared to the matrix, maybe they should talk about it, exchange the ideas and then integrate it. It feels like the goal of discord is somehow make communication more easy for people and user-friendly, so it will be a step in the right direction I think, to federate with matrix.

  • Ridge

    Please, this would make Discord so much more usable.

    I dislike Discord, but I have no choice other than to suck it up and use it if I want to communicate in any way whatsoever with my friends or communities I stumble upon. Discord needs to take responsibility for how massive they've gotten, and give us options. They're not a small team making a silly little Electron app anymore, it's a money printer that's growing bigger and bigger by the minute

    Without any way to communicate with other networks such as IRC servers, Telegram or Matrix, it's super painful for those of us that don't want to use Discord's proprietary Electron app, and no, having to rely on limited functionality bots if we want to bridge is not acceptable.


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