Disabling Go Live! feature

Not planned



  • Frobozz

    People keep saying 'turn off overlays for the game".  Its not hard to figure out how to do that.  However, I think the point is that we want overlays for the game, for chats.  We want to keep overlays on but disable this notification across all games!

  • Splutty

    Turning off overlays doesn't even work most of the time, since if you have a properly protected machine, Discord will just keep thinking they're new games and keep turning it back on.

    What we really want is for Discord to stop adding stuff that's only useful for a small percentage of users without giving everyone else the option to turn it the hell off.

    Especially when it's something so annoyingly intrusive as this feature.

  • Lemmings19

    I've been wanting to disable this single popup since the day it was added, WITHOUT having to disable chat notifications and everything else.

    I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS FLIPPING POPUP EVERY TIME I OPEN A GAME. And it covers up UI in the game that I need access to!


  • Jadistk

    Hello? Can the devs of discord listen to its users? This popup is annoying as heck. Why does it ask me to stream every game I play? It even asks when I'm not even in a voice chat.

  • Voltron



    please let us disable this feature. intrusive features are a big turn-off.

  • Morti

    Very bad UX. I kinda made peace with this awful button popping up everytime I start a game. But guess what. Today I got a bug that makes the button pop up every 5 seconds!!

    I will never stream.

    And if I wanted to stream, there's a better way to turn on the stream than this!

    Let me turn that annoying button OFF!

    I understand you want to make shdload of money by converting streamers onto your platform. Just find a better way than to harrass your users in the process.

  • Icetor

    How is this STILL a thing? Literally every 3 seconds "Would you like to go live?" let it expire, it fades. "WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO LIVE?!" x out, it fades "WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO LIVE WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO LIVE WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO LIVE?!?!?!?!?!?"


    I'm just going to leave discord off when I'm not in channel at this point, most obnoxious popup ever that covers like 10% of my screen for 30% of my playtime is NOT AN OKAY THING TO NOT BE ABLE TO DISABLE.

  • moonpowder

    this feature is so annoying. i too would like this fixed cuz it blocks my games. lets email discord to ask them to remove this feature. if they saw a bunch of emails requesting the same thing maybe they will realize how annoying this feature is. support@discordapp.com


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