Go Live auto pausing preview when in game



  • Nikae

    1000% this

  • KruZe

    +1 to an Option to disable the Pausing please.

    I play a couple different games on my PC at the same time.  I would like to keep streaming the game I am streaming while I play a game that I do not want to be streamed. 


    Another issue I have, the game I stream, it has some Pop Up menus like a Combat Timer/Choose your Action, and when the Combat Timer pops up Discord considers it a new window being focused on and also Auto-Pauses the game while I choose my action in the game...


    Love this new Live feature though! Look forward to the above possible changes in the future.

  • Madman1397

    +1 on this. I've already run into numerous occasions where I was streaming to my group, and my stream had apparently frozen completely. And of course I couldn't tell at all, because all I can see is the "your stream is still running!" message, and not my actual stream. I could only tell it was frozen because multiple people watching had informed me. I understand the idea of pausing the stream to save resources, but typically, the people that choose to stream stuff like games at watchable qualities very likely already have the hardware to support a visible preview alongside it without choking resources. At the very least an option to disable pausing would be wonderful. I have multiple monitors and want to see what viewers see.

  • Exaust

    upvote here ! 
    It would be cool to turn on/off this option !

  • Manzana

    Yes! please! :)

  • MakkerHeineken

    I would like this option

  • BigChickenSauce

    Yes please

  • BiffMcSkylark

    Please please please this

  • Flash2

    You can always create a second account and watch yourself through that account on the web app instead of the desktop app. 

    As a temporary solution until they drop an option.

  • arda?

    Yeah please!

  • cupr1te

    You can display your stream in a separate screen. At least it works for me

  • Baffan

    This. Very much.

  • Sir Fucksworth

    Popping out the stream works! But yes I agree let us disable it.

  • SisterWeebPixy

    "Popping out the stream works! But yes I agree let us disable it."
    Thank you! this does work and with the pin to top it isnt to much more of a hassle. Rather have something useful like being able to disable the stream view pausing then a nitro sticker pack shop which sooo many people use :/

  • 👑Heyokha the 8th

    an option should be available but popping out the screen is the best solution as of right now

  • BORIS-19

    Yes this would be greate

  • ciufulici

    +1 implement this feature


    Hello, the only way that I found to make this work is doing pop out on discord. Hope it helps!

  • Honsal

    I really need this. I am streaming with two monitors, and I want to monitoring my streaming on second monitor. But discord doesn't allow it.

    I don't know why they didn't add a option for it. It is necessary.

  • Hugwu_2

    + 1 !!


  • dinofinger

    Found the resolution in the Reddit post.

    "Pop out the stream to its own window."

    You can pop out the stream to a new window, and it won't pause the stream preview when use other applications. Also can pin the pop out window to stay on top of others.



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