Let Nitro subscribers have user banners



  • deadbot

    I think this is a cool idea but by seeing the dislikes i think it may not even happen. Idk why people dislike this, like We are PAYING for Discord Perks, so this could be added as a perk.

    Also to the non nitro users who dislike this post. Yall need to chill, discord isnt gonna give you anything special since ur not sub to them. this is a sub only feature, this wont affect you at all. if you want this feature. go sub then.

    btw i +1 this post

  • Chel

    This suggestion is one of my favorite ideas that I have ever seen so far, since discord games are leaving in a month or more, it would be a huge opportunity for us to get one of these features as Nitro Classic OR Legacy users.




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