Nitro + should be allowed to boost up to 3 servers than one



  • Nethiuz

    I agree. At minimum two.
    Because I can't even find an option to pay extra for more boosts.

  • Gizmo.

    yeah this would make it more worth imo be able to boost many servers at once i would like to see mabey 4 or 5 but add a day or 2 between each time you boost and if you unboost it removes that day so first boost is the normal 7 day and then 8 9 10 and so on 
    Edit: i would like to add yeah 4 or 5 is a bit much but its kinda of pointless only be able to boost one server at a time because im in many servers i would love to boost but right now i already have a boost on a server and dont want to unboost it and make it lose the perks its a small server and me and the owner are friends 

  • Kyria

    This would be a great way to make up for the loss of the game library!

    Also I'd like to add that it would be nice if Nitro+ users could choose whether to boost 3 different servers, or boost the same server 3 times. Or boost one server 2 times and another server 1 time, I suppose.

    I'll add that I only got Nitro+ in the first place because I wanted to boost my favorite server, so I'm really only interested in perks that increase boost benefits.

  • NylaPopTTV

    Classic - 1 Boost

    Regular - 2 Boosts


    This is fair.

  • suzuki

    now they decided to close the game section, so this is a very good opportunity to change the ability of nitro account users. as ppl said already, i do think they should be able to boost not only one server but at least three servers. I paid for a year and the amount was not a very small, i needed to consider whether to be nitro account or not for a few days. i purchased one year account option and thats more expensive than amazon prime here in japan, almost two times. the reason i decided to purchase the nitro account is very clear, i wanted to contribute the communities i am part of. please consider to increase the availability to boost more servers. sincerely.


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