Darker dark theme



  • DragShot

    A Black Theme? It could be interesting along the Classic Light some folks suggested as well.

  • Pablo

    pls discord

  • Robin

    People should be able to change their own background color. But the gray they have now is good as default color.

  • RPS1222
    I just don't think that's needed. Dark mode is enough for me.
  • cark

    Like twitters blackout? is that what its called i dont remember lol but yeah that thing

  • MemePolecat

    I think this would be great as a practical joke "Even Darker Mode" because all the other apps are adding a dark more finally. Just a black background, dark text. It'd be great for April fool's.

  • todd

    Agreed. Discord needs a "lights out" theme.

  • 🍜 McDoodly

    I actually really want this

  • 🍜 McDoodly

    Yup, i need this.

  • joseph

    "lights out" type themes usually hurt peoples eyes because of who dark they are, so it defeats the whole purpose in my opinion. The Discord Development Team could be working on something much better than this, and plus we already have the most iconic and best theme for Discord. It'd be weird having 3 themes, when Discord has always only have had 2.

  • Heandar

    adding a third mode would be so great because the current one isnt nowhere near as dark as it could be, so its hurting my eyes more that it should overall

  • LuanRdS18


  • Ritualdevice

    Right now it's more of a pastel black. I need Vantablack.

  • UwQ_

    i would like a black theme like for mobile (when u press the dark option in Appearance settings around 5 times) it is so much cooler!

  • 50U7R34P3R

    It already is present "hidden" on mobile devices by using the "AMOLED optimized mode" in the appearence settings... I totally wish they would do this also for the desktop-/browser-app of Discord, so we can use a pitchö-black background.
    I recognized I can see Emojis and Writing a lot better on the black bg, than that greyish thing...


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