DARK THEME FONT | New Font Causing Eye Strain



  • MozarteanChaos

    funny thing is, they've been accidentally rolling out font changes between updates for a while now. seems like they've been messing with this in the background for a while... aaaand still managed to get it wrong. :/

  • Little Evil Bunny

    I was wondering if it was just the lack of sleep making the font painful, good to know it's not just weak eyeballs. ^^;; Still, this new update makes both themes horrendous to look at.

  • miyu

    I have problems focusing on the post-update font because my eyes blur. :\ It's awful... Was so, so much more legible before...

  • obskyr

    Truly bizarre! How does one even roll out a change like "make font rendering blurrier"? Did they somehow change text rendering engine or something like that…?

  • autobus22

    I absolutely hate the changes to light theme and would hope for an option to get back the old light theme as in general the extreme contrast there is now strains my eyes, but this problem with the font certainly isn't helping.

  • JTrev

    The timestamp font is also much harder to read. Our usernames are the same size as the rest of the text, too.

  • miri

    I'm shocked by how much harder I find the new font to read (I use dark mode) but it is clearly blurrier and harder to read now than before. Personally it causes me to strain my eyes and I don't have any problems otherwise with my eyesight, and even I can feel a headache coming. Everyone I have talked to on my server feel the same. I think this is not a question of a new design choice that causes us to react and then we get used to it-- the font's legibility is objectively worse and needs to be improved for the users. 


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