Improve message delivery in slow/restricted networks


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  • Timwi

    Agree with this 100%. On a more technical level, here’s what I think could be improved:

    1) Don’t “give up” sending a message. I notice that after sending a message, if it doesn’t go through within a certain time, it goes red. Discord “gives up” trying to send it. I have to tell it to resend it periodically. Just have the client keep trying until it goes through. All other text messaging apps do this.

    2) Don’t resend messages that have already been sent. I notice that the “resend message” feature I alluded to earlier often results in duplicates of the same message, presumably because the message went through but the client didn’t receive a confirmation. This is particularly embarrassing because Discord should know that it’s the exact same message. Give every message a unique ID so that the server and the other clients will know that it’s the same message and not display it twice.

    3) Keep messages already received. If I get a push notification for a message, that message has obviously been received. Too often I tap on the push notification but then the message isn’t there. There is honestly no excuse for this. Discord has received the message, so it should show up right there. It shouldn’t have to try to load it again (and then fail to do so).

    Thank you for your great work on the client. We appreciate it!


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