Revert to non-bold chat fonts



  • DamoESP

    Yeah noticed this as well, looks terrible :(

  • Catechin

    This was intended by Discord.


    And it's terrible.

  • Zach Fett

    This also exists in the Windows app now.

  • Saseal

    Agreed - Not a fan of this update.

    With the Light theme active, it's very difficult to tell which chat channel has new messages in it... all text looks bold and very similar between actual bolded font and non-bold.

    It's easier to see in the Dark theme setting, but users shouldn't have to change themes just to be able to see which chat channel  the new message dings are coming from (I otherwise had to guess between active channels, in the Light theme setting that I had been using. I was forced to switch to Dark theme setting). There would be no point to having the Light theme, then.

    Not ideal for users that need/want/prefer the Light setting.

    Also, text overall just reads as *Bold* at all times (other than when actual bold text is in chat) in both themes... (but again, worse in the Light theme setting).

  • Gwathdring

    I'm finding the new text a lot harder to read, too. I can't put my finger on why but something is quite off about it.

  • koitsu

    Other complaints so far, but I imagine more will soon follow:

    It appears someone at Discord with terrible eyesight has decided this is a good update.  A different typeface (font) was obviously chosen.  Either the hinting or the aliasing around the glyphs looks particularly terrible, especially on Windows.  I'm using the Dark theme for what it's worth.

    Even worse (IMO), monospace text (such as when using single-backticked or triple-backticked content for code) now looks exceedingly aliased.  And glyphs themselves are now an inconsistent height.  See for yourself: `#FF8224`.  Notice the top horizontal line of the F is higher than that of the 8 and 2, yet 4 is taller than 2/8 but still shorter than F.  Not a good typeface for monospace, folks.  Really.

    Continuing on, we have the Friends list.  All usernames are now bolded all the time for some reason, while historically itemised entries in Discord have used a brighter colour (not bold) to indicate they're selected.  The latter behaviour is still present as a comparison point: go to your DMs liss, and look at the shades of grey and white used for each transition when selecting a user who has sent you DMs: unselected is a darker grey, mouseover/hover is a lighter grey, and selected is an even lighter grey (almost white/bold, but not as bold as in the Friends list).  It's in complete contrast.

    Finally, whatever was done greatly affected Settings / Appearance / Chat Font Scaling and Zoom Level.  I used to use Chat Font Scaling 16px with Zoom Level 90, but after the 9.09.2019 update, chat text (including DMs) looks too small.  No combinations of these two settings (18px, 100, etc.) gets me back to how things were size-wise.  Something else has changed.

    And still, for some reason, the hinting/ClearType "fuzzing" of text still seems to happen mysteriously for no reason, especially when opening up Settings (watch the menu items on the left closely).  It's been this way for a very long time (not just as of this update) yet it still hasn't been fixed.  It's like you're picking CSS class X when the menu loads, but then switching to CSS class Y with a different font/weight/size after the menu has sat idle for 0.25 seconds.  It's impossible to miss, 100% reproducible.

    Overall I'm baffled as to how nobody at Discord can notice stuff like this. While I understand these problems are complicated given how mind-numbingly nuanced webjunk is today, they are specific to UI/UX, which is not a new field of expertise.  Thus, all I can think of is that some folks need their eyes checked or their lens prescriptions updated.

  • KOtA

    By trying to fix one theme they've managed to ruin both. 

    tried changing font size , zoom level, and turned off/on hardware acceleration (what they said on their twitter to "fix" this) but nothing helped. 

    Just bring the old font back. I'd prefer the option for people to choose their font but lets not go that extreme. 

    Also just realized that this update is 3 days old , and I just got it >.> 

  • Miuku

    This change is just horrible - I've had to stop using Discord until this is either reverted or fixed. 

    It's literally giving me a headache (as in physical pain after watching the text for a while) - no fixes claimed on Twitter on here / Reddit have any effect on the font smoothing/bolding.

  • JTrev

    Just want to add that the timestamp font is much harder to read. It seems smaller and very aliased.

  • Maxz85

    pls bring back old font


    new font is horrible on eyes

  • thekrynn

    Agreed.. line spacing seems choked and the text brightness differs between my desktop and laptop, both using OS X native app. The inline code text blocks are even worse. This is on dark mode. 

  • nonchip

    yeah it'd be great if not literally everything in my chat was bold for no reason...

    see what i mean? -_-


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