Microsoft Authenticator option for 2FA



  • Duck Yeah🦆

    It appears that Microsoft Authenticator does actually work since it works with QR codes. I just set it up for Discord and so far so good. The support article probably only recommends Authy or Google because those are the only two that were tested.

    Would be nice if Discord updated the article to reflect the requirements for an authenticator app instead of listing two specific ones. I don't like making extra accounts for things if I don't need to.

  • h4xolotl

    yes pls

  • Evan

    Microsoft Authenticator already supports setting up with QR codes I believe. What in particular doesn't work with respect to 2FA?

  • Hello,

    hope it's okay, to ask that here, if not please move it accordingly.

    I had setup 2FA with MS Authenticator using the QR code a few days ago, but i had to vipe my phone because of storage problems.
    So what i am facing now is, that i need to manually readd Discord to MS Authenticator. Do i have to use just one of my "backup codes" as the "secret key" in manual adding process, or can i make discord show the QR code once more?

    I sadly hadn't enabled cloud backup for the Authenticator APP before i viped it.
    So any suggestion what i could to readd / reenable 2FA with MS Authenticator?

    Thx in advance.


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