Multiple going Live



  • Tylor

    Definitely been the one out for a round in a game and wanted to spectate a couple people, this would be awesome. Could be a form of Squad Streaming as well

  • Kaiser Wilhelm IV

    This is still a feature in personal and group calls with the screenshare function, but it's quite restrictive not being able to do this in my server.  Ours was one of the servers that had access to screenshare before Go Live became a feature, but once Go Live was released, we lost this functionality that we had grown accustomed to and enjoyed thoroughly.  Now I can no longer play a game alongside my friends while staying in a server if I wanted to watch one of their streams while broadcasting a stream myself.  Simultaneously being able to watch a stream and stream yourself was a fantastic function of screenshare, and I hope it gets brought to Go Live. 

  • blickajawn

    @Kaiser - I was just complaining about the same thing today. I miss it!

  • BaderThanBad

    the new video channel ui should allow this. multiple people streaming, where you can watch multiple streams while streaming yourself. one guy playing one game where another plays another, a third even, while someone else watches all at same time.

  • lenzon101

    please allow access to watch more then one stream at a time. Having 4 people all play a single player game at the same time, and everyone streaming for each other so it doesn't feel so lonely is such an amazing experience, but having to switch between peoples streams to see whats happening in that moment leads to me missing something funny or tense that could be resolved by just allowing me to watch more then 1 person.


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