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  • AUSBird

    -> "Original colorful background with movement in the name."

    What exactly do you mean? Elaborate on this as i am confused


    -> "Discord Stories: the same as in instagram"

    Might as well use that social platform instead of discord...

  • Mobi Slain

    I would very much rather not on either of these fronts, thank you.

  • 目ざして


    It is not difficult to imagine, an example: background of some color, and the theme of "lava" moving, and your name above.
    I don't think it's so complicated to understand a background with movement.

    Discord Stories:

    sure, I also use that social network, but the idea is to share "gaming" moments between the discord community
    a photo, a short video that is publicly available for a day, and that it is the friends who prefer to see it and not the user having the need to be sharing that photo or image between several servers or friends manually.
    In the end, Discord is also a "social network" with a different purpose than the others.

    I must say that the discord stories is a global idea, and not only for nitro users.

  • Mobi Slain

    This is all meant as constructive criticism to promote a level of critical thinking. In case it comes off that way, there's no hostility or malice in my words, I'm just a jackass.

    On moving backgrounds and themes.
    As someone who comes from a brief but existing background of graphic media design, think about these points.
    1. Who is going to make these themes?
    2. Who is going to sit there and code them in?
    3. Are they willing to put in work for free? If not, at what cost does a moving graphic cost and how much time does it take to make? These costs factor in to the cost of running discord. (business 101)
    4. moving pictures behind non bold lettering makes the text very difficult and in some cases almost impossible to read. You can fix this by coding in the text to change color with the moving pictures so that it stands out more but then you have flashing lights which strobe and make it even harder to read, and (also coming from a currently brief first aid and medical background) may definitely cause seizures in people with epilepsy. Which then potentially reduces the number of people who will use the service in fear of uncontrollable shaking at someone's awful theme.
    TLDR: You're adding unnecessary overhead to the operation of Discord, adding a potential health risk to the service in general, and making this more gaudy than it needs to be.

    On Stories
    you say Discord is a "social network." This is generally untrue.
    Discord got its start as a basic IRC client (Internet Relay Chat) a peer to peer text based internet chat room with a focus on security. Discord is a chat service. It's always been a chat service at its core and they confirm this themselves in their latest blog post on why they're removing the nitro free games.
    Instagram is an image sharing website at its core, it's logo is a camera, stories make a hell of a lot of sense there. To add stories would mean to dedicate a space on their, already strained, servers for another feature that most of the community (if the rating of this suggestion isn't proof enough) isn't interested in. It's the same story as the Nitro Games, that's being dropped because the majority just don't care. I used the Nitro Games, there were a few on there that I liked having on there and I might play them a bit more before they're back to being full on paid. But I'm one guy in a sea of literally millions of individuals.
    You could make the argument that a chat service is a social network of some kind but that's where I'll politely disagree. What makes something a social media platform is a focus on media and not on conversation. While we can post images and embedded videos, send files back and forth, it lacks the kind of focus on sharing your day or your latest selfie to be considered a social network. But that part's just my opinion.

  • 目ざして

    Mobi Slain

    Thank you for your opinion.


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